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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #29 - Brass Knuckles on a Pole

Over the past few months, I’ve been very lucky that I’ve been able to enjoy the rebirth of American X Wrestling in Hamburg, PA.

AXW management have been putting together quality events since January 7 of this year. Fans have been enjoying the old school style with a modern twist at the Historic Hamburg Field House.

Talent like Matt Quay, Derek Neal, AXW champion EN Bush, Tommy Vecs, and AXW Tag Team champions Ed House and Laszlo Arpad have brought down the house every time they’ve performed.

However, in the first chapter of the reborn AXW, I’ve never seen a rivalry as white hot as Goldy of the Golden Era and “Serious Business” Andy Header has been in 2023.

Goldy and Andy Header are two athletes that are on two completely different ends of the spectrum.

The leader of the Golden Era is a thoroughbred. A student of the World Famous Monster Factory in Paulsboro, NJ, Goldy has become a standout wrestler in MFPW, winning multiple Monster Factory Tag Team championships. Over the past year, Goldy has begun to expand his wings on the independents, recently gaining an opportunity to wrestle on the All Elite Wrestling’s Dark Elevation series. Most notably, Goldy was a major focal point on the critically acclaimed Monster Factory reality TV series on Apple TV.

Andy Header, on the other end, is a total DIY performer. Based out of the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, “Serious Business” invested time and energy into his craft, wrestling at every PA independent he could over the past decade. His punk rock look helped him cultivate a small punk rock style fan base in the independent scene.

So when both men linked up at “For the People” on 1/7, it was, in many words, a clash of styles.

Goldy, at every turn, kept trying to cheat and get the upper hand on Header, but “Serious Business” kept persevering. Finally, when the match broke down after “Wet” Brett Waters and Brian Morris and Tough Guy Inc broke down into a brawl on the arena floor, the referee was distracted. Goldy then pulled out a pair of brass knuckles from his tights and clobbered Header in the cranium. After disposing of them, Goldy pinned Header for a three count.

Andy Header came in contact with “the Golden Touch”.

The next month at “American Dreams” on February 21, the Golden Era challenged Header to a six-man tag team match. Needing partners, “Serious Business” got the AXW Tag Team champions Ed House and Laszlo Arpad to join him.

In a similar situation to “For the People”, as the Tag champs and Waters & Morris were brawling on the floor, Goldy, behind the referee’s back, AGAIN dug into his trunks and pulled out brass knuckles, walloping Header again with his “Golden Touch”, getting the three count. For the second straight show, Goldy cheated to win.

It all came to a head on April 29 at “HONOR: Autism Acceptance”. During the Robbie Rumble, both Goldy and Header drew numbers 3 and 4. Coming down the aisle at the same time, both men spotted each other, and the brawl was on.

Header rolled Goldy in, and in literal seconds, Cactus Clotheslined each other out. Goldy desperately tried to avoid “Serious Business” on the arena floor, and scattered back to his locker room.

Twenty-five minutes later, Header and Goldy were seconds for the big “Chicken Suit Challenge” between “Wet” Brett and Morris of the Golden Era and Brutal Bob and Tough Tim of Tough Guy Inc. After a good back-and-forth tag battle, Tim pinned Morris with a Victory Roll. The Golden Era would have to wear the Chicken Suits.

As Waters and Morris were in the middle of being put to sleep by Tough Guy Inc, Goldy was trying to find a way to get his team out of the ring. Just then, Header, who came to the ring with a wrapped gift in hand, opened his present and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles! As Goldy turned around, Header devastated Goldy with a jumping brass covered right hand.

Knocked senseless, Goldy was given the ULTIMATE indignity, dressed by “Serious Business” in a Turkey suit, and forced to be out cold in the ring, alongside his stablemates, being used as human mannequins in a photo opportunity with the fans during intermission.

AXW management has decided to put an end to this growing rivalry between these two rivals.

During AXW’s “Summer Vacation” on June 24 at the Historic Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, PA, Goldy and Andy Header will do battle one more time. However, this grudge match will have a stipulation attached to it: BRASS KNUCKLES ON A POLE!

A 15-foot high pole will be attached to one of the ringposts of the AXW squared circle. On the top of the pole will be a pair of brass knuckles. The first person to get them will be able to use them as he sees fit.

Will Goldy deliver a “Golden Touch” to Header one more time? Or will “Serious Business” unleash some serious business to the dome of the leader of the Golden Era?

June 24, we find out. #BANKONIT


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