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Eric Corvis Has Something To Prove at "SINATRA"

Eric Corvis is a New Jersey independent wrestling stalwart.

Most known currently for his mentoring and developing the next generation of wrestlers in UWA Elite, based out of South River, NJ (my hometown), Corvis has been around the independents for close to twenty years. Whether he be a Garden State God, a Beyond Wrestling OG, or the Mat Mechanic, he has earned immense respect from his peers for his innovative hard work inside the wrestling ring.

However, Corvis, on April 25, 2024, wrote a post on X regarding an issue he took umbrage with:

As mentioned, Corvis will be facing Matt Vertigo, one of his roster mates in UWA Elite, at Project Codename: Sinatra on May 17 at the Elks Lodge in Hoboken (no jokin’). Yet, Corvis and Vertigo are nowhere to be seen on the poster for the event.

The ring announcer on the poster is the one and only Shane Fair. Shane has become a cult favorite emcee for wrestling events in the tri-state area. Although Fair is immensely talented in his role, Corvis naturally felt slighted.

The question here is simple: Does Eric Corvis have a point? Should the ring announcer be given promotion over in-ring talents?

According to my sources in the independent wrestling pipeline, it’s a toss-up. To some, Fair has worked hard for his credibility and popularity and has subsequently earned the right to be on a poster. However, to some of the old school wrestlers I talked to, they agree with Eric. Non-wrestlers, in their opinion, should not be given priority over the men and women who ply their trade and risk their bodies for our entertainment.

Despite the philosophies of old school and new school, this leads to a major “put-up or shut up” moment for the “Mat Mechanic”. Can he and Vertigo steal the show and make the Project Codename promoters eat their words on May 17 for not putting him on the show graphic?

Go to Sinatra in Hoboken. We can see for ourselves. Eric Corvis intends to.


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