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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #97 - Kerr Prepares To Enter A Hoss Fight Against a Mountain

OK, full disclosure. When I first became a writer on the internet, I began writing about different rivalries from American Championship Entertainment on my Blogspot account. In turn, I “worked” myself into really disliking one professional wrestler in particular:


There was just something about him that, to me, felt disingenuous. Wrestling in his area of Wallington, Payne’s happy-go-lucky demeanor seemed fake. And I hated it.

Perfect example: This “professional” blog about wanting to see Anthony “FNB” Ramirez take him out forever. 

Man, I was so angry.

Regardless, Adam Payne evolved into KERR and became a solid part of the New Jersey independent scene. In truth, I was very happy to see his success. He was working very hard, wrestling in Pro Wrestling Magic, ISPW, and other local promotions. 

Kerr might have become the “best bruiser in New Jersey”.

However, that unofficial title might be on the line at PROject codename: SINATRA on May 17, 2024 in Hoboken (no jokin’), as Kerr will be going one-on-one with “the Mountain of a Man” EVEREST in a Hoss Fight.

I have followed Everest since he became the muscle for Stan Stylez’ Creamy World Order. In particular, he had a fantastic match back at CREAM MANIA on April 3, 2024 against Kristian Ross.

Regardless, Everest is a hard man to move. He might be the literal personification of Gorilla Monsoon’s “immovable object” moniker. It takes a plethora of offense to even stumble up Everest slightly.

Kerr might be the toughest task for Everest to date. He has slammed monsters, chokeslammed giants, and shoulder tackled tanks. He fears no man and refuses to back down.

My sources in the independent wrestling pipeline have told me that Kerr was recently quoted, when asked about his match with Everest for SINATRA in two weeks, as using one particular lyric from the song “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” by the great Jimi Hendrix:

“Well I stand up next to a mountain, and I chop it down with the edge of my hand.”

Kerr and Everest are preparing for battle in Hoboken at SINATRA. The Hoss Fight might very well be the sleeper match of the night. May 17 will be a night to remember.

I just hope Everest doesn’t derail Kerr forever. My previous words loom ominous.


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