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Mission Statement is an idea that has been 5 years in the making.


In truth, although the development of a homepage did not exactly take 5 years, the ideas that formulated to where we are today took 5 years of hard work, consistent self-analysis of self, and some damn talented people.


The dream started on September 14, 2011 in an upstairs garage attic in South River, NJ. The debut of the Hardway Podcast was, indeed, a rough start into the voyage of internet radio. Two cheap microphones from Target, a laptop that was falling apart, and a dream helped formulate the start of my most creative endeavor.


Over time, I was able to integrate a young man by the name of Tim Hughes, my little brother, who affectionately now goes by B-Sizzle, Too Hot Steve Scott, my childhood friend Nicholas F. Reigota, Master H 2, who was and IS my sworn enemy since we were kids, and a Who’s Who of intriguing guests to help set the table for what became an intense passion in my life.


Better equipment, combined with deeper vision and creativity, as well as my first website, helped start the next stage with the #HardwayHQ Podcast Network on July 2, 2014. With the addition of Nick and Jon: “Live” in New Jersey, the Hardcore BF Podcast with my best friend Ed Scanlon, and programming with the dreaded Master H 2, #HardwayHQ brought a diverse eclectic sound. Mix in a blog I started on called the Professional 3 and an idea brought to the table by “Good News” Hughes called the Universal Air Hockey League of the Universe, and you have yourselves a social media hub and a cross-pollination of ideas and stories to tell.


With all of these different visions coming together, the plans were in motion: build a social media hub to allow these ideas to connect under one roof. has finally been unleashed on July 1, 2016, almost five years to when the first Hardway Podcast went online and almost 2 years to the debut of the #HardwayHQ Podcasting Network.


The goal is simple: to showcase innovative storytelling and combine it with layering character depth through multiple platforms. will be a place for those who want to experience new school creativity and originality.


Thank you for finding us and for coming along for the ride. Just think: anything is possible when you just act on a single idea.

Jon Harder


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