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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #96 - Recon Vs Vargas: ACE's Heavyweight War

Ever since Hero’s Celebration in February, Rick Recon has been a fighting Heavyweight Champion for American Championship Entertainment.

Recon, who has become known from his work in Xcite Wrestling, ISPW, and other independents up-and-down the East Coast, has begun to establish his name among the great ACE Heavyweight Champions, like Dan Maff, Mo Sexton, Stockade, Jorge Luis Rivera, and Vince Steele.

His style is aggressive and head-on, and he isn’t afraid to take a beating, just as long as he dishes it out on his end twice as hard.

However, Recon might have his toughest task to date as champion, when on May 25, at ACE Anarchy in Teaneck, NJ, he faces “the Dominican Destroyer” VARGAS!

The former WrestlePro Gold Champion has been feasting on unsuspecting opponents for the past few years in the great Garden State. Vargas is a lion in the wrestling jungle and his victims are the gazelles in his line of vision, taking up space in his path of destruction.

Now with an opportunity to become ACE Heavyweight Champion, Vargas intends to punish and dominate. Many feel as if Vargas is tailor-made for the promotion, and winning the gold will legitimize those expectations.

Yet, from my sources in the independent wrestling pipeline, Recon isn’t worried one iota. He overcame Wrecking Ball Legursky and former champion Steele to win the gold. He had a classic with Mr. Darius Carter at Destined 4 Greatness in March. He can adapt to any style, and Vargas is another example of changing his style to victory.

Will the Teaneck Knights of Columbus bear witness to a new champion in “the Dominican Destroyer”? Or will Recon continue his impending journey to become one of ACE’s greatest Heavyweight Champions?

It will be pure Anarchy on May 25. #BANKONIT


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