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MATT PRO WRESTLING "New Dawn 2024" Review

On April 14, 2024, I was lucky enough to attend the debut show of Matt Pro Wrestling at the Lakewood Estonian House in Lakewood, NJ.

Ray Ray Marz, after losing ownership and watching the subsequent end of Gen Pro Wrestling the year before, started a brand-new promotion, with the New Dawn rising to a fresh beginning.

Here are the quick results to New Dawn 2024, with a packed house of over 150 fans:

  • PRE-SHOW: Dollie Darko defeated Jack Maertens with a spinning back kick.

  • Daniel Alexander and Oliver - No Colors Just Brothers - defeated Jus Sayin and E-Money Milli after an Alexander second rope 450 Splash.

  • Tony Chini defeated Mikey Midnight in a fantastic contest.

  • Tiffani Avatar, replacing an injured Jumping Jim Wilder, defeated Ivy Platinum and “the Real Deal” Mike Goldstein in back-to-back matches.

  • In an old school THREE WAY DANCE, the FBI of Little Guido Maritato and Ray Jaz defeated South Philly’s Finest and Playboy Paulie & Brother Falco.

  • The Stepdads & their “stepson” Daniel Devine defeated the Durning Dynasty of Draven and Ayden Blaze & Devin Thrasher. 

  • Big F’n Vin pinned Jay “the Key” Evans after a vicious Powerdriver.

  • Steve Off successfully defended his SWF Heavyweight Championship, defeating Troy Locke and the Damaged from Stressed And Depressed.

  • 2022 & 2024 Super 8 Tournament Winner Darius Carter submitted Brett the Threat with a sleeperhold.


The results only tell a part of the story.

The beginnings of Matt Pro Wrestling had a totally different vibe the last time I was in the Lakewood Estonian House for pro wrestling. The atmosphere was fun and electric. The event was simple to follow and truly built a strong foundation to future events.

Watching Little Guido Maritato, a former two-time ECW World Tag Team Champion, perform in an ECW style Three Way Dance, made me smile. And let me tell you, he can still go. When he pinned Luca Brazze after a Sicilian Slice, I geeked out. Also, South Philly’s Finest is definitely a team to look out for on the independents in 2024.

Tiffani Avatar’s grit and determination showed through, winning back-to-back matches and getting a strong reaction from the Lakewood faithful.

Legitimately, I thought Jay “the Key” Evans was seriously injured after his war with Big F’n Win. He took such a powerful spear from Vin that I thought he was out cold. Then, he took a sit-out chokeslam and a devastating Powerdriver for the loss. Somehow, “the Key” stood on his feet and walked out on his own power.

Just as it looked like the Damaged from Stressed And Depressed from Pro Wrestling Magic was going to take out the SWF Champion Off with a steel chair, retired professional wrestler Dan Murdoch, who is a close personal friend of Steve going back to the days of the Bodyslam Wrestling Organization, entered the ring from the crowd and ripped the chair out of the Damaged’s hands, causing his impending downfall moments later. It was great to see Murdoch in a wrestling ring once again.

On a side note, watching Steve Off defend the SWF Championship through other promotions, including Pro Wrestling Magic and MPW today, gave me a throwback vibe, similar to the NWA and the traveling champion from the days of the territories.

Darius Carter and Bret The Threat did not disappoint in their main event. Holds and counter holds were on the menu, and once “Wrestling’s Richest Prize” caught Bret with a debilitating sleeper hold, Bret had no choice but to tap. I truly hope this match gets released online, as it represents the style of wrestling Matt Pro Wrestling will implore in the future.

What I hope doesn’t continue happening is the disrespect Ray Ray Marz was shown by his former training partner Carter. Although both men had different journeys in professional wrestling, there was always a mutual respect…or so I thought. After a fun back-and-forth interview in the ring, where Marz got a surprising upper hand, Carter made it personal after his main event victory. He made the MPW promoter enter the ring and raise his hand, which Marz begrudgingly did.

Carter kept it going and began verbally undressing Marz, to the point where “Double R” had no other choice but to open slap him in the face. Carter then stumbled into a Sky High from Bret The Threat to a fantastic reaction.


I wanted to close this review of Matt Pro Wrestling with this story.

The man in the photo above is Matt Marzarella, Ray Ray Marz’s brother. Matt is a hero in many senses of the word. Although he lives day-to-day with autism, Matt is an extremely happy, positive, and upbeat person. He lives every day to the fullest.

When Ray decided to start his promotion, he named it Matt Pro Wrestling in dedication to his brother, which is incredibly sweet and inspiring. In fact, the logo of MPW is a red hand, fitting together like a puzzle, in dedication and support of Matt.

Observing the show from the packed house, I watched Matt having a blast from the front row. The entire crowd especially enjoyed it when he was able to introduce the start of the show in the ring, starting a big “MATTY” chant.

If for nothing else, I hope that Matt Pro Wrestling continues onward and upward. It is a positive environment for professional wrestling, and I wish them the very best.


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