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In this week’s edition of the THURSDAY VETERAN SPOTLIGHT, I want to discuss an unsung hero in the New England independent wrestling scene that truly has never been given the props he’s ever deserved as a hard-working, dedicated to his craft performer.

This week’s veteran is ANTHONY STONE.


Anthony Stone is best known for his time as an OG of Beyond Wrestling. Like many of the young guns during the first chapter of Beyond, Stone made his travels to Sandusky and Elyria, OH and cut his teeth in some hard-hitting matches in front of the biggest critics in the business: his peers.

Early in 2010, Stone would face talent like Corvis Fear, Darius Carter, Nick Talent, and Jefferson Saint, but his breakout matches really began with Mark Angel.

The battles in singles and tag team matches with Angel were so intense that the professional rivalry transferred into CHIKARA in 2012. In the second round of the Young Lions Cup Tournament in Milwaukee, WI, Stone and “Mr. Touchdown” were linked up with one another. In an awesome ten-minute sprint, Angel survived “the Hardcore Jesus” and advanced to the finals, which he would ultimately win.

Stone is a junior-heavyweight, but he wasn’t afraid to fight anyone, no matter the size. He was straight-forward and headstrong. Stone could also take quite a beating in the ring. He would be tossed around and beaten down by guys like Chris Dickinson and Biff Busick, but get back up, by hook or by crook.

Fans always gravitated to the tough-as-nails competitor. Everyone knew he was all heart.

To this writer, Anthony Stone’s breakout wrestling moment was his incredible rivalry with Dave Cole in Beyond Wrestling. Those two men were linked to one another for years. They were a part of some tremendous tag team matches, but their singles rivalry was on another level.

Their best match, in my opinion, came on December 28, 2014 in Providence, RI at the intimate Fete Music Hall. After several matches throughout the year, the two finally settled the score in a three-out-of-five falls match in the main event of ENDS MEET.

Both men beat the Hell out of each other. However, in the final fall, Stone dug down deep and delivered double knees from the top rope, caving in the chest cavity of Cole for the three count. Stone, on this night, was the better man. But both men made each other in the New England region.

Anthony Stone has continued to plug along the independent scene into the 2020s, consistently performing for the Renegade Wrestling Alliance alongside his long-time partner Kellan Thomas as a part of Destruction Under Impact, currently RWA Tag Team Champions.

Jon Harder, the founder of this website, had a chance to manage against Anthony Stone a couple times and even interviewed him for a couple podcasts over the years. When asked to give a comment regarding the TVS, he eagerly had a response:

“Anthony Stone is, without a doubt, one of the most respected wrestlers I ever came across. He is well respected in the locker room and is one of the kindest people I’ve met. He deserves his flowers for what he was able to accomplish in the ropes.”

Even more so, Stone is a dedicated family man and father of six children, working hard in-and-out of the ring to show his kids to live their dreams and pursue their goals in life.


I’m happy to provide Anthony Stone with the THURSDAY VETERAN SPOTLIGHT. He truly is one of the good ones in the game and I wish him the best and happiest of wishes in life. Your hard work in the New England indy scene has been the foundation for the next generation of talent coming up today.


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