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Brother Falco Brings A Frat Party For Battle Against the FBI

At the inaugural Matt Pro Wrestling event New Dawn 2024 on April 14, 2024, the legendary Little Guido Maritato and his upstart tag team partner Ray Jaz - the 2024 incarnation of the Full Blooded Italians - came out on top in a three-way dance against South Philly’s Finest and the team of Playboy Paulie and Brother Falco.

However, it was Falco who, according to my sources in the Matt Pro Wrestling locker room, was extremely frustrated with the result of the match.

He felt that he and the Playboy did not have the chemistry needed to win that three-way dance in April. In fact, his belief that being a part of the first team eliminated was because he didn’t have the right partner to succeed.

After discussions with Matt Pro Wrestling promoter Ray Ray Marz, Falco wanted a chance to right his wrong from New Dawn 2024.

On July 14, 2024, at the Lakewood Estonian House in Lakewood, NJ, Brother Falco will be teaming with his long-time friend Fratboy Farva and prepare to bring the FRAT PARTY to Bastille Day to face Guido and Ray Jaz in a special tag team encounter!

For Maritato and Ray Jaz, this will be another example of proving that they intend to be the #1 tag team in Matt Pro Wrestling. Although Little Guido is best known as being a two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, his tag team resume is second-to-none. He has held the ECW World Tag Team Championship twice with the late, great Tracy Smothers and Tony Mamaluke, as well as the USA Pro Tag Team Titles with Kid Kruel in 2001 & the JAPW Tag Team Titles in 2008 with Smothers. His experience has definitely begun to enlighten the mind of Ray Jaz, who many believe to be a “can’t miss” blue chipper.

The Frat Party is an up-and-coming tag team in New Jersey, and if they are able to upset the FBI at Bastille Day, their credibility will skyrocket across the circuit.

This match will not be one to miss. Tag team wrestling is on the rise at Matt Pro Wrestling, and the FBI and Frat Party will not disappoint.


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