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In this fourth installment of THURSDAY VETERAN SPOTLIGHT, I’ve decided to talk about a guy that, in my opinion, is the personification of the “it factor”. Many people have believed, as have I, that this gentleman is the most underrated technical wrestler from the Northeast independents over the past fifteen years.

But this man deserves the spotlight, and I’m proud to write about him.

This week’s veteran: ROB VEGAS.


Rob Vegas has been a professional wrestler since 2003. Little known fact is that Rob actually tried out for WWF Tough Enough in Las Vegas, NV back in the early 2000s. Sadly, he did not get picked up for the MTV program. However, it fueled him that much more to go and attempt to make it in the world of professional wrestling.

Vegas’ home base has always been American Championship Entertainment, originally based out of Union City, NJ.

He has done it all in the promotion. He is a multiple-time ACE Tag Team Champion with his long-time friend Mike Donovan as Style and Finesse. He has beaten the vastly underrated Bruno Marciano and Astro Morales to win the Diamond Division Championship twice. And on April 2, 2016, in front of a packed house at the Morgan Jr. Arena in Wallington, NJ, on a torn muscle in his arm, made TJ Marconi submit to win the ACE Heavyweight Championship.

Vegas has also wrestled a who’s who of legendary opponents in ACE. In the early 2010s, he went to war with Mo Sexton, Eddie Kingston, Homicide, and Dan Maff. In later years, he had more technical sound contests with Mike Mondo, Azrieal, and Ricky Reyes.

Also, due to his close friendship with Ring of Honor great Jay Lethal, Vegas has been able to overcome the odds and maintain a great win-loss record against him, including a classic victory at Lethal Injection on November 26, 2022 in Teaneck, NJ that needs to be seen.

As a twenty-year veteran of the squared circle, it seems as if Rob does not age. He stays in tip-top shape and flies around the ring like a rookie. Yet, as time passes, Vegas gets more technically sound, really mixing up his ground game and methodical precision to dissect an opponent’s back, setting up for his Cloverleaf submission, which has been dubbed the Checkmate.

Jon Harder, the founder of this website, has nothing but kind words to say about Vegas.

“Over the years, I have grown to appreciate Rob Vegas as an in-ring competitor. Although he started off as a brash, bordering on arrogant athlete, Vegas has matured into a fantastic talent and an easy-going mentor of talents in ACE. I always called him the “Chessmaster” because each and every time he enters the ring, he is a surgeon, picking apart an opponent until their inevitable downfall. He really is one of the best wrestlers I’ve had the privilege to watch in the ring. Also, his style tips have helped me dress better…somewhat. Rob is the man.”

Most importantly, Rob is a dedicated family man, working his tail off to provide his two sons with the opportunity to live their best life.


Rob Vegas deserves his flowers as an unsung hero in the Northeast independent scene. That is why I have never been more proud than right now to put the THURSDAY VETERAN SPOTLIGHT on him.


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