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GLACIER - a poem

Blood runs cold

Blue lasers go awry

Snowflakes trickle down

An arctic chill cools the atmosphere

As a warrior marches through

Ready for battle

He enters the arena

Chest shield visible

Battle helmet prepared

Armored to the gills

Bows to the crowd



Ice cold

Enters the battleground

Gets into his pose

A fighting stance

Demonstrates his technique

Completes his ritual

Gear comes off

The lasers and flakes dissipate


In his psyche

The fight begins


Drag downs

Flawless execution

Then in a sudden flash

The strikes begin

Like a bolt of lightning

Throat thrusts

Palm strikes

And kicks

Kicks galore

Back kick

Roundhouse kick

Savate kick

Jumping front kick


A “FINISH HIM” enters the fray

Cryonic Kick

Side style setup

Lifted fast

Underneath the jaw

Perfect in its execution

His victim

Knocked out into orbit

A figurative fatality

Three counts from a referee

The war is over

The battle commences

The frozen eye

A cyborg in human form

Does not cease

The killer instinct


Chills the air

As blood runs cold


Jon Harder


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