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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #67 - Stan Stylez: Lost Hero or True Villain?

I’ve followed Stan Stylez’ career for a very long time. Since his early days in Middle Village Wrestling, ACE Pro Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, H2O, and countless other independent promotions, Stan was beloved by the crowd.

My best moment of watching Stan was when he wrestled for Project: Diverge in 2018. His ability to overcome the monstrous Vince Steele really showed me what he was all about: heart and determination.

My man was a cult icon in the independents. When he started the Intergender Bonanza, I was stoked. An independent wrestling promotion built for EVERYONE? I absolutely loved it.

For the first nine Bonanzas, Stan was the most gracious, yet most entertaining piece of the promotion. He integrated so much talent into his events, and helped give a platform to wrestling’s most unique performers. People LOVED him.

However, on August 21, 2021, it all changed.

On IGB 9: Stan Stylez’s Creamiest Birthday, Marcus Mathers had an absolute banger against Billie Starkz in his first defense of the Super Championship. 

After the match, Stan Stylez made his way out to the ring, leg in an air cast, because of a broken ankle suffered a few months prior. Due to the injury, he couldn’t wrestle on his birthday. And in the midst of all of this, “the Young Prodigy” Mathers was gaining all the positive energy from the fans in the main event: on Stan’s day of birth.

Stylez couldn’t take it anymore. How dare the fans?

In a completely shocking moment, Stylez took out Mathers and laid him out. The air cast went off, and he revealed he was near 100% and that he was going to be the face of the Bonanza once again, at any cost.

What we have now is a villain of epic proportions.

My sources told me that over time, Stylez no longer loves his once adoring fan base: he now truly despises them. Instead of meeting up after the show to talk to people, he became more inclusive. He really closed himself off, only conversing with his CWO. His infatuation with power, and hatred of Marcus Mathers, consumes his daily thoughts.

Also, his addiction to whipped cream became out of control, so much so that a few performers have sworn off the substance in their personal lives because of how much Stan actually consumed in the locker room. That has been confirmed by two people.

The Creamy World Order is Stan’s life. 24/7/365. No time for anything else.

However, in the darkness of the Bonanza, a new hero emerges from the ashes.

Airica Demia has broken out of the pack in North Carolina and has become a light in the gloom of the Intergender Bonanza. Completing her first year of professional wrestling in 2023, Demia has shown no fear against any opponent she has faced, and will not back down from a fight. She is not green with envy, but wears green to showcase her ability to fight like a tank heading into war.

On April 3, 2024 at CREAM MANIA, Demia has her toughest task to date, going one-on-one with the corrupt commander of the Bonanza, Stan Stylez!

Can she be the hero everyone needs to end Stylez’s corrupt ways? Or will she be added to the list of victims the CWO has left by the wayside?

All I will say is that I hope one day, Stan breaks out of this power trip he’s been on. If not, God help the Intergender Bonanza. The villain might actually win the war.

“Dirt Sheet” Writer


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