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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #66 - Marc Angel WAS a Wrestler?

Anyone who has been to the H2O Wrestling Center or around the Philadelphia independent wrestling scene knows that Marc Angel has been, to many, one of the most detestable professional wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle.

For some inexplicable reason, ever since I started following the greatest sport ever, all I’ve ever heard was hate towards the name of the wily veteran Angel. Whether it be his jorts, his Hawaiian shirt, or even his blue-collar deposition, Marc Angel brings out the hate from wrestling fans.

It also has come from his own family.

Marcus Mathers, Angel’s son, has become Philadelphia’s future as it comes to independent wrestling. In his very early twenties, the two-time Intergender Bonanza Super Champion has become a fixture up-and-down the Northeast. Many say it is in short form that Mathers ends up a star in this industry.

In the Intergender Bonanza, the animosity between father and son is very apparent.

On November 20, 2021, during Bonanzamania, it was Angel who cost his own flesh and blood the Super Championship against Stan Stylez. In fact, this very moment started Stan’s Creamy World Order, which Angel has become the Arn Anderson to Stan’s Ric Flair.

For over two years, Mathers has been feuding with the CWO, including his old man, en route to regaining the Super Championship at IGB 16: World War Cream on June 22, 2023. Also, this rivalry has crossed company lines, bleeding into Matt Tremont’s H2O promotion. No matter what way you slice it or dice it, Mathers and Angel despise each other in a professional setting.

However, it might be a little more personal than once believed.


Stan Stylez, the leader of the Bonanza, posted a reel on Facebook on February 12, 2024, trying to stir the pot a little bit between both men.

Mathers seemed to have a slip of the tongue during the H2O “Full House” event on IWTV on the microphone, accidentally saying that his father WAS a wrestler.

In any other situation, it’s obvious that Marcus meant to say IS, not WAS. I personally believe this as well.

However, the CWO apparently feels otherwise. And so does the aforementioned father in question.

According to my sources in the Philadelphia wrestling scene, Marc Angel WAS furious when Stan showed him the clip. He did not see that as an accidental “slip of the tongue”; Angel saw that as premeditated.

My sources close to the Creamy World Order also state that Angel has finally had enough of his son, to the point of wanting to make Marcus rue the day that word WAS ever came out of his mouth.

However, Angel will have to wait for that moment. On April 3, 2024, during CREAM MANIA, his son Marcus Mathers will be defending his Super Championship against the cult independent wrestling legend EFFY. Although nothing has been announced yet, you know for sure that Marc Angel and the Creamy World Order will be lurking around the Bonanza that night.

Whether it WAS or IS true, needless to say, the father and son are at each other’s throats, and this time, it’s truly PERSONAL.


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