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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #65 - The Kirks vs the Cosmic Cuties: Couples Combat

The Intergender Bonanza is heating up as we head towards CREAM MANIA on April 3, 2024 inside the H2O Wrestling Center in Williamstown, NJ, minutes from Philadelphia, home of WrestleMania XL.

In a week where professional wrestling is gearing up to have incredible shows around the Philly area, CREAM MANIA is truly unleashing its “A Game” for IGB 19.

This match was just signed to the Bonanza a mere 48 hours ago:


For a hardcore fan of the Metropolitan area, this is high quality wrestling at its finest.

Brandon and Kasey Kirk are hardcore wrestling royalty. They aren’t afraid to defend their craft and do so by any means necessary. They’ve taken everyone to their limits in singles and tag team competition. They speak their mind and spew their truth to the world. In the H2O Wrestling Center, whether you love them or hate them, they are the heartbeat of extreme.

LSG and Ava Everett have come together over the past year as another fierce duo. Having each other’s back in and out of the ring, these two also are not afraid to defend their craft. The Cosmic Cuties have fought side-to-side in Europe and in the United States and have strongly showcased their abilities to success.

But I, an independent wrestling blogger, have heard rumblings through the interweb pipeline on why this match is taking place. Stan Stylez, the corrupt tyrant of the Bonanza and leader of the Creamy World Order, has had a bit of animosity with the Cosmic Cuties separately over the years.

As it comes to Ava, back on April 24, 2021 at IGB 8, Stan wrestled and defeated Ava in a highly-spirited match that has received 4.5 MILLION views on YouTube. BUT, in that match, Stan was tricked into thinking he would receive a fun dance session with Ava. Ava took him out right before the shenanigans took place. Even though “the Shakeweight Supreme” won the battle, he has never forgotten that moment.

As it comes to LSG, this one might be a little more complicated. Back in 2012 in Beyond Wrestling, “the Ace of Space” and Stan were a part of a group called the Professional Revolution. During one match during a studio taping in North Andover, MA, Stan suffered a serious shoulder injury that almost ended his wrestling career. LSG, according to the rumor and innuendo, never called Stan to check on his health or injury status. NOT ONCE, my sources have told me.

Now that the Cosmic Cuties are coming to the Bonanza, Stan is looking to see some punishment come towards the flashy and talented tandem, putting them against the brawling and double-tough Kirks, according to my sources.

Needless to say, this will be one Hell of a wrestling match and something you shall not miss.

Tickets are still available and will air on IWTV, the streaming home of independent wrestling.


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