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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #34 - The King's Challenge Elimination Match

In American X Wrestling, the promotion is always about putting the fans first, which they always do a tremendous job at. And with their fans being as important as they are, AXW has attempted to give first-rate innovation and content.

Thus, on June 24, 2023 at the Historic Hamburg Field House in beautiful Hamburg, PA, AXW, on their Summer Vacation, decided to try something different: an idea called the King’s Challenge Elimination Match!

The King’s Challenge Elimination Match will be a four-on-four encounter, under elimination rules. You can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, count-out, or disqualification. The last team standing will be the winner and the subsequent victor of the King’s Challenge!

There are two captains for each team involved in this unique battle. Team #1 will have “Hybrid” Sean Carr, while Team #2’s leader will be “Brutal” Bob Evans of Tough Guy Inc! Within days, both Carr and Evans had already announced their elected representatives for their teams.

Spotting the tensions brewing already between the AXW and JCW locker rooms, the vile Carr has brought over three of the best from the Quebec wrestling scene: Dru Onyx, Barabas, and Billy Stone!

Dru Onyx has been a wily veteran of the Quebec wrestling scene for three decades, best known for his work in the critically-acclaimed IWS promotion. He has held numerous championships throughout the NWA, IWS, and JCW, and has faced legends in this industry, including Finn Balor, El Generico, Sexxxy Eddy, Franky the Mobster, among countless performers that have come through Quebec. This man is an outright Quebec Icon.

Barabas is a legend in JCW, holding the Heavyweight championship five times and is a four time JCW Provincial champion. Barabas is the measuring stick of JCW, and he will make you earn your right inside the ropes each and every time.

Billy Stone is a six-year pro and the current JCW Heavyweight champion, beating Barabas for the championship back in May in a Last Man Standing match. The sky's the limit for Mr. Stone, and he is not afraid to unleash a Rolling Stone or two on his opponents. He is double-tough!

On the other side, “Brutal” Bob has selected three of the best independent talents in the Northeast today as his team: Leo Sparrow, Max and Leon St. Giovanni!

There is nobody hotter right now than Leo Sparrow in the Metropolitan area! “The Son of the Sun” just defeated his trainer Brian Myers to become one-half of the FWF Tag Team champions, as well as giving it his all in an AEW World championship match against MJF. Sparrow, in recent months, has turned over a figurative leaf in AXW, becoming a fan favorite back in January after refusing to use a coconut on the cranium of Kekoa at “For The People”. If anyone has a chance to dominate on the 24th, it’s Sparrow.

Max St. Giovanni is the definite definition of “blue chipper”. After a successful run as an independent stage actor, Max turned into a full-time professional wrestler a few years ago. MSG is a student of the game, and is not afraid to fly with maximum ability.

What can be said about Leon St. Giovanni? Beginning his career in 2010 in Beyond Wrestling, LSG became seasoned at the World’s Famous Monster Factory, got a world-class education through Ring of Honor and WXW in Germany, and is now one of the faces of WrestlePro in New Jersey. Although he is well respected in the locker room, somehow “the Ace of Space” is the best kept secret of independent wrestling. He is THAT good.

The King’s Challenge Elimination Match plans to be an AXW staple for the foreseeable future, and we hope you enjoy this battle on June 24. Carr, Onyx, Barabas, and Stone vs Evans, Sparrow, and the St. Giovanni Brothers might very well steal the show. I, for one, can’t wait for this encounter.

Tickets are on sale at, starting at $5!

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