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The Legend of El Rotundo Geniouso

El Rotundo Geniouso is an intriguing character in the world of Pro Wrestling Magic.

Truly intriguing.

Many don't know the story of Steve Off's close personal friend and confidant, but luckily I, a beacon of history and a man thirsty for knowledge, can provide you with some background on the mysterious luchadore.


El Rotundo wrestled in the undergrounds of the Mexican Lucha Libre independent scene. Too brash for CMLL and too rough around the edges for AAA, Geniouso became a cult figure around the circuit.

However, according to my sources in the internet wrestling pipeline, due to an incident involving illegal distribution of bottled Coca Cola, some shady characters, and Super Porky, Rotundo was blackballed from the wrestling business and forced to migrate North of the Border and into the great Garden State.

Along the way, Steve Off found out about the legacy of Rotundo in Mexico, met with him once in New Jersey, and, according to my sources, instantly became close friends.

So close, in fact, that when Steve began his web-show "The Gun Show" in the early days of YouTube, Rotundo, alongside the great Bob Arian, were frequently guest-starring on the then-BWO superstar's program. El Rotundo became a cult figure.

Not much footage remains of this time period, but one match exists of El Rotundo defending the honor of Steve in Elite Generation Wrestling in Tamiqua, PA in 2010, teaming up in a losing effort against the Law of Attraction, which included a very young Tristen Law.

Slowly, as Steve got deeper into the independent wrestling game, Geniouso disappeared from public eye. Many say it was because of wanting to live a private life, but, according to my sources, it's a different story.

Supposedly, more incidents, this time with illegal distribution of the great 1990s drink Surge with no sodium bicarbonate in it, led the federal investigators to search for the blackballed luchadore.

However, things cooled off for the last decade, and El Rotundo was able to be a surprise entrant in the annual Chad Adams Memorial Rumble this past January. Subsequently, Geniouso is now a second to the ring with the current SWF Heavyweight Champion and joins Steve's young son at ringside, supporting the spiky haired independent hero.


I have always been a huge fan of the legend of El Rotundo, giant gloves and all. In spite of his checked past, he deserves more love in the indies. Goofy or not, support Steve Off and his cast of characters as he competes tonight in Pro Wrestling Magic and beyond.

Just don't drink the Surge he might sell outside the Mecca in Ridgefield Park.


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