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Project Diverge #OperationNewWave returns to PCTV Starting 2.5.21

In a bit of fun news, Piscataway Television (PCTV) has decided to re-broadcast Project: Diverge #OperationNewWave on its airwaves, beginning tomorrow night, February 5, 2021, at 9PM.

Project: Diverge, after a multi-month build through social media platforms, ran on April 21, 2018 at the Old Bridge Elks in Old Bridge, NJ. An eight man, single-elimination tournament, DIVERGE brought an old school flair to modern day professional wrestling. 8 artists with 8 different styles, Diverge built a small buzz in Central New Jersey, culminating with a five-day binge of the five television episodes, airing on from December 21, 2018 to Christmas Day.

In March 2019, PCTV aired Operation New Wave in an edited, television style format to, again, a solid buzz across Central New Jersey.


Project: Diverge was founded by Jon Harder, podcaster and independent wrestling commentator. Brian Belzer, also a member of PCTV, completely shaped the pre-production phase to a phenomenal aesthetic, both behind the camera and to the finished product inside the Old Bridge Elks. Nicholas F. Reigota and Scott Glazer both handled the post-production end of Diverge to a fantastic finish. Furthermore, Doug Seidel handled the edit of the online material and successfully transferred it over to be TV ready.


Here is the TV schedule for Project: Diverge airing on PCTV:

2/05 - 9pm: Episode 1 - The Road to Operation New Wave

2/12 - 9pm: Episode 2 - The First Round: Part 1

2/19 - 9pm: Episode 3 - The First Round: Part 2

2/26 - 9pm: Episode 4 - The Semi-Finals

3/05 - 9pm: Episode 5 - The Styles Clash

3/12 - 9pm: Episode 6 - The Finals

3/19 - 11pm: Episode 1 - The Road to Operation New Wave

3/26 - 11pm: Episode 2 - The First Round: Part 1

4/02 - 11pm: Episode 3 - The First Round: Part 2

4/09 - 11pm: Episode 4 - The Semi-Finals

4/16 - 11pm: Episode 5 - The Styles Clash

4/23 - 11pm: Episode 6 - The Finals


To watch PCTV, you can either view it on Channel 15 on Cablevision and Channel 40 on Verizon FiOS within Central New Jersey, OR stream it online via PCTV’s website:

We hope you tune in and check out the effort of the performers and production crew put in during a wild time in 2018. And on a personal note, it’s nice to see a passion project continue to get new eyes on it after the struggles that transpired during it. Makes it all worth it.

Jon Harder


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