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Getting back into the booth for the Intergender Bonanza tomorrow is very important for me personally. Every time I think I’m out, this fun promotion drags me back in.

Selfishness aside, I can honestly say on paper that this is the most important show the Bonanza will ever have.

IGB 19: CREAM MANIA, on paper, looks to be a top-to-bottom wrestling classic.

In the spirit of the new hub for independent wrestling, I’m going to take it back to the old school. I am going to give you my top three notes heading into CREAM MANIA in my PROFESSIONAL 3.

MARCUS MATHERS’ MOST IMPORTANT MATCH TO DATE - “The Young Prodigy” has taken the Northeast independent scene by storm over the past year, branching out to become one of the talents in the business. My personal belief is that the IGB has helped establish Mathers as such. His matches with Zoey Skye, Billie Starks, and Stan Stylez have been great contests and have given Mathers on-the-job training in perseverance.

However, tomorrow’s battle with the cult independent icon EFFY might be the most important match he’s ever had. EFFY fears NO ONE, whether in the ring or on the microphone. He is not afraid to fight, to the point of risking life and limb for a victory. Mathers has had some battles, but he’s never truly been to war inside the squared circle. The Super Champion has to be at his absolute best, especially with a man who has become a WrestleMania Weekend legend. EFFY hates to lose, and Mathers will have to dig down deep if he has a shot of successfully defending his championship at CREAM MANIA.

THE STAR POWER IS TREMENDOUS - This card has so much talent from wrestling’s past and present. “The Extreme SeXXXy Icon” SeXXXy Eddy is looking to show that he has one more fight in him against Marc Angel. Sonny Kiss is prepared to show that she can still kick ass and take names at an Elite level. LSG has been rejuvenated with Ava Everett by his side as the Cosmic Cuties and prepares to step up against the double tough Brandon and Kasey Kirk. Plus Chaotic Wrestling New England Champion Shannon Levangie, Zayda Steel, Janai Kai, and H2O’s own Austin Luke are trying to get a win on the most important week of the year. CREAM MANIA is loaded with talent, more so than ever before.

THE CWO’s IMPACT - Stan Stylez has to be feeling the pressure. The Creamy World Order has run roughshod over the IGB since 2022. There are rumblings that Stylez has put out an APB to dominate CREAM MANIA, by any means necessary. Marc Angel, Everest, and Xavier Cross have important matches. The corrupt Boss of the Bonanza has to contend with upstart Airica Demia in an old school “Hero vs Villain” match. And Adena Steele, Journey Burke, Brittany Blake, and the lovable and affable ABBS has to fend off four IGB stalwarts in an 8-Person War.

Can the CWO retain dominance? And if not, what will the ramifications be for future IGB events?

All I can say is that CREAM MANIA will be the sleeper show of WrestleMania Week. If you don’t believe me, come to the H2O Wrestling Center tomorrow night and be there live, or watch it on IWTV at 8 PM. This will be one you can’t miss.

Hope to see you tomorrow. It’s going to be a good one.

Jon Harder


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