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Ode to Bunkhouse Buck

The Pride of Bucksnort, TN

Made a renaissance of the Southern Style brawl

Discovered in early 1994

By the Greatest Promoter on the Face of the Earth

He entered WCW

With one goal in mind

To dominate Dustin Rhodes

With one sneak attack

The thermal shirt wearing

Suspenders rocking

Blue jeans and cowboy boots representing

Made an impact indeed

At Spring Stampede

In April 1994

He took “the Natural” to school

In his type of match

The Bunkhouse Match

And in the Windy City

With help from a pair of brass knuckles

Punched out the son of a son of a plumber

And picked up an amazing upset

The next month

WCW Slamboree

Dustin got a small measure of revenge

Via the dreaded Bullrope


The Hardcore Legend

Terry Funk helped Bunksnort’s finest

Absolutely destroy Rhodes

In the City of Brotherly Love

Throughout the next several months

The Bucksnort native’s impact

Ran through in spades

Using Arn Anderson’s “trust”

To betray “the Natural”

Helping Col. Rob Parker hire a bodyguard

With an epic Tongan Death Grip

And going on a spree to extinguish

The entire Rhodes family

Although at Fall Brawl 1994

He walked out to

A Game of War

And lived to tell about it

But despite his battles

He lost the war

However not his spirit

And he kept to grow

Mixing his joy of hurting people

With his anger at the world

He was a master of Memphis style

Finding a way to whoop ass

While taking a Hell of an ass whooping

He knew his strengths

He cheated when he had to

And kept his catch-as-catch-can to a minimum

He loved to use a right handed knockout punch

Also a vicious piledriver

Nothing fancy

Just like the Revival say

No flips

Just fists

Although tormenting Dustin was a joy

The true highlight came

On July 22, 1995

Alongside the Colonel

And Dirty Dick Slater

He scored the pinfall over Stevie Ray

To help his beloved Studd Stable

Defeat Harlem Heat

For the WCW World Tag Team Titles

Their reign lasted two months

But in the end

Harlem Heat regained

And the seemingly started “Fall Brawl Jinx”

Had begun

More importantly

His career was never the same

Once he lost the titles

After a lackluster 1996

Buck decided to fight the good fight

And team with Mike Enos in 1997

With Enos never forgetting how Scott Hall ruined his big Monday Nitro match

In May 1996

Which slowly started the nWo

And the Pride of Bucksnort missing Tag Team Title gold

As well as his promoter

Who bailed to start trying to make Double J a country singer

A new bond was formed

After a few months of team

March 17, 1997 was the big night

St. Patrick’s Day to be exact

Monday Nitro

Tag Team Title match

Against the dastardly Outsiders

After a few pops in the local bar

He and Enos were ready to win

But lost in short order

Soon enough

His contract finished

And with no Greatest Promoter on the Face of Earth

No new deal

And he disappeared

Never to be seen again

Some say he’s still in Bucksnort, TN

Thermal wearing

Suspenders rocking

Blue jeans and cowboy roots representing

Creating his own brand of

Bunkhouse Justice

Fighting Memphis style

Brawling in a bar somewhere

Others say he’s drowning his sorrows

Still dreaming of his days

As WCW World Tag Team champion

Regardless I believe

And value the tenure

Of everything that was done

In the ring

Blood spilled

Down to fight

Southern Stars and Bars mentality

Of the one and only

Bunkhouse Buck.

Jon Harder


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