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NIGEL 2008

You started your year

Beginning a long divorce

With Ring of Honor fans

Because they thought you lacked


Due to early injuries

In your first months

As World Champion

By the end of it

You were stronger and tougher

Than anyone before you

You were

In It to Win It

6th Anniversary Show

You cemented your villain hood

Decimated the American Dragon

Then on a Video Wire

March 12 to be exact

One line set you off

“McLariat can’t carry the company.”

The look of anger

The feeling of frustration

The dread and disgust

That one line set you

Onto a completely different

And absolutely necessary path

You were on a mission

And now legitimately

In It to Win It

You Took No Prisoners

With Tyler Black in Philly

You went to a New Level

With Claudio in New York

You started an Age of Insanity

And showed Glory By Honor

With El Generico twice

Battled Injustice

Overcame a Return Engagement

And Navigated the North

To combat Kevin Steen

You were Driven against Strong

Pummeled Aries in a Supercard

Beat Stevens in Beantown

Earned Go’s Respect

And rose against the Fall against Jacobs in Tokyo

Various defenses

Different types of competitors

Even defeating Mr. Honor Rumble

Ruckus in Virginia

And going to FIP

To defeat Sweet and Sour in Florida

So many wins

And still no love from the fans

Even though you 1000% proved to yourself

You were

In It to Win It

But your moment came

November 22


Frontier Fieldhouse


Against your greatest rival

The Babe Ruth of ROH

Bryan Danielson

Almost 30 minutes

Picking apart the Dragon

Brutal strikes

Attacking the knee

Even using Castagnoli’s hatred

To your favor

And after everything

One Jawbreaker Lariat

The coup de grace

And the torch was passed

The fans respected you

You rose above

The new Best Wrestler in the World

But you truly didn’t care anymore

About the ROHbots approval

You were your own man

And like rocking the belt backwards

Everyone was forced to

Kiss your ass

Because you believed

In yourself

That you were

In It to Win It

You finished your year

Humbling the New F’N Show in Nashville

And Marufuji at ROH’s Final Battle


The full year as the man

Seems to be

McLariat DID carry the company

Showcased your dominance

One of the greatest years

In company history

You did it your way

And over the years

Your 2008 gets overlooked

But to true fans

We know

The consummate pro

A warrior inside the ropes

Dastardly as a villain

You are Nigel McGuinness

And you were


And forever will be

In It to Win It

Jon Harder


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