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Style and Finesse vs Midnight Sensations - Old School ACE in Memory of Mike Morgan Jr

In the memory of Mike Morgan Jr, a “Hero’s Celebration” was a very emotional night on February 4, 2016 inside the Morgan Jr Arena in Wallington, NJ. Every performer on the show went all out and did it for Mikey. Just a very emotional night.

But for me, as a member of American Championship Entertainment since 2007, there was nothing more exciting than the Mike Morgan Jr Memorial Tournament Finals between two old school ACE tag teams.

Chris Rockwell and Sam Shields of the Midnight Sensations faced off with Rob Vegas and Mike Donovan of Style and Finesse. For the first time in 2008, all four men were in the same ring at the same time, all in the memory of Mikey Viruet.

You have to understand the memories I had rush back to my brain between these four men. Team Yea and Style and Finesse in 2007 in back-to-back ladder matches. The Garden State Gods and Style and Finesse at Crossroads IV 2008 in a tables match. Team Yea, the Garden State Gods, and Style and Finesse at the 2008 Destined 4 Greatness Tag Team Tournament finals.

Shields from Team Yea, Rockwell from the GSG, and Vegas and Donovan WERE tag team wrestling in American Championship Entertainment in the late 2000s. With these four men aligned at one time, 10 years wiser and better as performers, in one ring in the tournament finals, they absolutely tore down the house.

With the vibes of the ACE Arena, 725 Sip St in Union City, NJ in my heart, all four men brought their A game. Fast and furious double teams mixed in with hard hitting strikes, Vegas and Donovan were matched move-for-move with Rockwell and Shields to the Morgan Jr Arena, 67 Hathaway St in Wallington, NJ. What was old was new again inside American Championship Entertainment!

In the end, it took 3 Vegas Bombs and one South Side Knockout for Style and Finesse to bring home the 2017 Mike Morgan Jr Memorial Cup. But all four men knew there was only one true winner at the end of a “Hero’s Celebration”:


This was an emotional night, and in the end, old school ACE brought in new school fans. However, for what could be the last time, Style & Finesse and Rockwell & Shields made history on February 4, 2017, all for one ultimate winner: Mikey.

And that’s all that really matters.


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