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Marcus Mathers Preparing To Defend Super Championship Against A Voice of a Generation

On Saturday May 25, the Intergender Bonanza will be running a joint event with Focus Pro Wrestling in Widowmaker Brewery in Braintree, MA. After the immense success of CREAM MANIA during WrestleMania Weekend at the H2O Wrestling Center in Williamstown, NJ, the IGB has started to expand outward.

No one’s stock has risen higher from the IGB than its Super Champion Marcus Mathers.

Mathers, in the middle of his second reign as Super Champion, put on a classic with EFFY on April 3. Stan Stylez (WRITER’S NOTE: I can no longer call him “Sizzling”, thanks to a cease-and-desist from the CWO’s attorney at law Journey Burke) is incensed that “the Young Prodigy'' remains the face of his promotion. And now, the leader of the Creamy World Order, has officially pulled out all of the stops to take the gold off of his waist.

At STARCREAM in Braintree, MA, Marcus Mathers will be defending his Super Championship against RICARDO RODRIGUEZ!

For mainstream wrestling fans, Rodriguez is best known as the personal ring announcer of former World Champion Alberto Del Rio, and for a short time Rob Van Dam, in WWE. Although immensely gifted with a tremendous voice, not many people realize the underrated athleticism that he possesses.

Developing in the great state of California, Rodriguez migrated East in the late 2000s. Under the moniker Chimaera, he participated in CHIKARA Pro’s Young Lions Cup tournament in 2009, and actually had two pre-show matches for Dragon Gate USA in 2010.

In WWE, although he had a few wrestling matches with the great Santino Marella, he developed an alter-ego named El Local. El Local performed in several matches over the next few years, including gaining an NXT Tag Team Title shot at the inaugural TakeOver event in May 2014 alongside Kalisto. However, nothing will take away his battle with Sin Cara on the vastly underrated Saturday Morning Slam show on the CW Network in 2012.

Love that match. Plus, Saturday Morning Slam ruled.

Regardless, after leaving WWE, Rodriguez has been very active on the independents. In January 2015, he won the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship. He has performed for various NWA affiliates and independents across the United States, including several matches for MLW. Most recently, he co-founded and wrestles currently for Three Legacies Wrestling, based out of Pennsylvania.

To me, Ricardo Rodriguez is a wild card for Marcus Mathers. Unlike every other opponent Mathers has faced in the IGB, Rodriguez has learned from the best, and isn’t afraid to cheat to win. He might be the voice of a generation, but Ricardo can walk the walk as much as he can talk the talk.

May 25 at STARCREAM, Marcus Mathers has to be fully prepared for a tough battle. If he underestimates Rodriguez, he might be on the canvas getting a three second tan and losing his Super Championship in the process.

Tickets are on sale here:

Mathers vs Rodriguez: A Match You Cannot Afford To Miss.


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