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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #91 - Midnight vs Chini: An Unorthodox Battle for Matt Pro Wrestling

On April 14 at the Lakewood Estonian House in Lakewood, NJ, Matt Pro Wrestling will be running New Dawn 2024.

For their debut event, they have a lot of matches announced, but there is one in particular that caught my eye. It might very well be the most unorthodox battle of the day, as Mikey Midnight goes one-on-one with Tony Chini.

Mikey Midnight is a grinder. Blue-collar as they come, Midnight puts on his gear and fights. Some say it isn’t pretty; I say it’s effective. Midnight is a fighter in every sense of the word. Many say he just loves getting involved in fisticuffs. In truth, from what I saw from him back at Gen Pro Wrestling in February 2023, win, lose, or draw, you’re going to come out bruised and battered. The Toms River native is always ready to battle.

Meanwhile, Tony Chini is a little more refined in between the ropes. Developing a cult following through Grim’s Toy Show on YouTube, Chini is the current UWC Heavyweight Champion. Familiar to many of the fans in Ocean County, "Il Capo Grande" has shown them he is about one thing: winning. He makes everyone’s lives difficult, but regardless of that, his unorthodox style gets him victories.

My sources on the independent wrestling pipeline have told me that this match will have people talking. Both Midnight and Chini have two completely different styles. But when there is a “styles clash” in between the ropes, that always leads to a more physical encounter.

Will Midnight make the impression needed to move up the MPW rankings after April 14? Or will Tony Chimi continue to win in front of the Ocean County wrestling fans?

Matt Pro Wrestling will go unorthodox at New Dawn 2024.


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