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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #90 - Tough Guy Inc Enters "Cafe de Rene" for Crown of Maine Wrestling

On March 30, 2024, in a snowy night in Van Buren, ME, Brutal Bob Evans and Tough Tim Hughes made their first appearance in Maine in 2024 to try and rededicate themselves to becoming one of the top tag teams in the independent circuit for Crown of Maine Wrestling.

However, things didn't necessarily go their way.

For the past few weeks, Crown of Maine Wrestling management announced that Tough Guy Inc would be facing Rene Dupree and a mystery partner.

Instantly, that bothered Evans and Hughes. Dupree has an extensive number of partners at his disposal.

For starters, Rene Dupree is a tag team specialist. In his early twenties, he was a former World Tag Team Champion with Sylvain Grenier in La Resistance and WWE Tag Team Champion with Kenzo Suzuki.  Almost twenty years later, he was a two-time GHC Tag Team Champion with El Hijo del Dr. Wagner. Jr for Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Plus, thanks to Rene’s very popular YouTube show Cafe de Rene, Dupree has friendships with very talented performers like Paul London, Kid Kash, and ROB VAN DAM. Anyone could have come into play to ruin Tough Guy Inc’s Maine return.

However, on Crown of Maine Wrestling’s 5 Year Anniversary, “the Outlaw” decided to bring someone immensely talented close to home to help him out: WESLEY PIPES.

Pipes and Dupree have had a long history for Atlantic Grand-Prix Wrestling, which was run by Rene’s late father Emile Dupre. In 2016, both men had battled each other in every match imaginable. In the end, Pipes had earned Dupree’s respect.

So when Rene needed a partner to take on Tough Guy Inc, he called Pipes to help take out Brutal Bob and Tough TIm.


In an old school tag team battle, Dupree and Pipes picked up the win. Evans and Hughes most certainly gave it their all, but in the end, the Canadian duo overcame the tomfoolery of Tough Guy Inc to win.

After the match, I asked Tough Tim through social media for his comments regarding this battle, and his words were truly ones of frustration.

“We were bamboozled! Crown of Maine Wrestling kept Rene’s partner a secret right up until bell time. We had zero opportunity to prepare for this one. Next time, Rene Dupree and Wesley Pipes will learn that you can’t fool with Tough Guy Inc. ARRRRGH!”

Obviously, Tough Guy Inc were very unhappy they entered Cafe de Rene and got a loss that was served to them cold, but in the end, Crown of Maine Wrestling received a stellar tag team match and the fans got what they wanted: fun, professional wrestling.


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