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Two of Stan Stylez’s greatest creations merge together on April 3, 2024 for an important fight at the H2O Wrestling Center in Williamstown, NJ during WrestleMania Week, as four of the best performers of the Intergender Bonanza take on four representatives of the dastardly Creamy World Order.

Sicend, Rob Chase, Uncle Masty, and Darien Hardway will try and beat some sense into Adena Steele, Brittany Blake, Journey Burke, and the one and only ABBS.

Everyone in this contest has their own goals in mind for the eight-person WAR at CREAM MANIA.

Sicend is a Day One IGB performer, going all the way back to McLure Hotel & Conference Center in Wheeling, West Virginia on August 3, 2018, defeating Dani Ferrera. The renegade from the Riot City is truly a believer in the IGB. However, watching what the CWO, in particular Stan, a long-time friend, has made of the Bonanza hurts him deeply. He wants to rid the CWO poison once and for all.

Hardway feels the same as Sicend. Since IGB 9 on August 21, 2021, the ridiculously ripped super athlete has become a loyal stalwart of the Bonanza. Seeing the CWO take over completely, Hardway, similar to Sicend, wants to take back control by any means necessary.

Uncle Masty, best known from his work in Smash Master Wrasslin’, had a heck of a performance in the second Intergender Rumble back in November 2022. However, Masty wants more of an opportunity in the Bonanza. There is no better way to get that than to beat the Creamy World Order at the “Super Bowl of Creamy Entertainment”.

As for Rob Chase, pro wrestling’s version of the Hamburglar is still looking for his first win at the IGB. With an 0-3 record, Chase, a beloved fan favorite in the H2O Wrestling Center, has decided to join up with three men hungry for a win. This might be his last chance, according to my sources in the independent wrestling pipeline, to do so. Stan, from what I heard, hates people who are liked more than him, and if Chase doesn’t garner a victory in this fight, he might be on the outs of the IGB. No one needs a win more than he.

Meanwhile, the Creamy World Order is running on all cylinders. Brittany Blake wants to even the score with Sicend for beating her at IGB 18 in December of last year. Journey Blake, a high-powered attorney with a ruthless personality in-and-out of the ring, wants to throw the book at anyone against the CWO. Adena Steele, former Super Champion, wants to dominate and show the fans exactly who the Hell she was: a superstar.

And ABBS…well...ABBS doesn’t want to be reprimanded by Stylez and Angel anymore. As it seems, ABBS is the whipping boy of the Creamy World Order. If the CWO falls at CREAM MANIA in this battle, you can be rest assured that ABBS will be at fault, even if it isn’t.

In this writer’s opinion, ABBS is the man and just needs to believe in himself.

So many little stories come into play for this vital battle in the feud between the IGB roster and the CWO. Who will win this eight-person war at CREAM MANIA?

Tickets are on sale now and will air LIVE on IWTV April 3, 2024.


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