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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #86 - Jay Evans' "Key" in the Hands of Ray Ray Marz

The last time Jay “the Key” Evans was in the Lakewood Estonian House in Lakewood, NJ for professional wrestling, all Hell broke loose.

On January 21, 2023, after a big power struggle for Gen Pro Wrestling ended with both “the Newsie” Mak Stevens and Ray Ray Marz both losing control to Cassidy Clarke, Marz was disenchanted. Injured during the fight and mentally hurt dealing with the loss of ownership in the company he co-founded. “Double R” took off his boots and prepared to retire.

Suddenly, in a flash, Evans struck from behind, leveling Marz and laying him out. Marz was forced to go to a local medical facility and had a serious leg injury and a mild concussion, causing him to legitimately consider retirement.

Meanwhile, later in the night, Evans won the Gen Pro Wrestling Alpha Championship from Clarke Williams in a three-way bout, including then-Pro Wrestling Magic Dark Arts title holder Steve Off. “The Key” held the key of success in his hands.

Well, the Cassidy Clarke era of GPW never took off as planned, and the dreams of running successful professional wrestling in the Lakewood Estonian House was lost.

That is until April 14, 2024.

Ray Ray, healed up physically and mentally, decided to promote again. This time, on his own, he has started Matt Pro Wrestling and has booked the Lakewood venue he intends to make his promotion its home venue.

He also wanted revenge on Jay “the Key” Evans in the worst way.

According to my sources in the independent wrestling pipeline, Marz paid a hefty booking fee to get Evans on the debut MPW show on 4/11, thanks to “the Key” having a strong booking agent and knowing revenge would be served his way.

However, now that “the Key” is locked in, Double R threw his figurative key away and booked him against an absolute monster in Big F’n Vin!

“The Offspring of Extreme” Big F’n Vin is not afraid to unleash punishment on any opponent. And now, with “Double R” wanting revenge, Vin will be the man to take out Evans at New Dawn 2024.

Can the last Gen Pro Wrestling Alpha Champion continue to make Ray Ray suffer by winning this grudge match? Or will Big F’n Vin give his friend some “vindication” on April 11?

Tickets are on sale now. Support independent wrestling.


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