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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #80 - Stylez and Vecs Take It To The Streets

Outside of the Intergender Bonanza, Sizzling Stan Stylez has become quite menacing to other wrestling companies, always threatening to inject his creamy poison into the infrastructure of everywhere he goes.

For Smash Master Wrasslin, it is no different.

The leader of the Creamy World Order has made a serious enemy out of Tommy Vecs over the past two weeks, especially after what he did at SMASHITUDE on March 16 in Throop, PA.

After losing an impromptu trio match to Electric City Mayhem, Vecs and his Degeneration Vecs army were sulking in the ring. Suddenly, the leader of the Creamy World Order made a surprising appearance, celebrating the glorious holiday of CREAM:16.

Mary Elizabeth, the punk rock manager of Vecs, and Stylez decided to partake in a post-fight celebration with the whipped cream variety. After toasting stone cold canisters of Extra Creamy Reddi Whip, Styles struck with the Whipped Cream Stunner on Mary, taking her out!

D-Vecs was FURIOUS! So much so that the mouthy leader of the faction went right to Smash Master management and demanded revenge on Stylez at any cost.

THUS, at SMW 17 at the Susquehanna Brewing Company in Pittston, PA on April 14, 2024, Sizzling Stan Stylez will be taking on Tommy Vecs in a SUSQUEHANNA STREET FIGHT!

Stylez is merciless wherever he fights, and Vecs always performs with strength in numbers. Who will win this war? More importantly, will Vecs defend the honor of his wounded girlfriend?

The CWO vs D-Vecs on 4/14/24: the Sunday Night Wars begin. Let’s go!


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