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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #77 - Levangie Enters COLD FURY TDLC Match For New England Gold

COLD FURY has always been Chaotic Wrestling's #1 showcase over the past decade plus. The event has made a load of memorable moments and has helped elevate the next generation of New England based wrestling talent time after time.

This Friday night will be no different. However, there is one match on the card that stand out among the rest and has the potential of becoming the biggest spectacle in COLD FURY history.

Shannon Levangie has a golden opportunity at the Chaotic Wrestling New England Championship against the cocky Che Long. Yet, this isn't going to be a normal one-on-one title shot.

This match will be contested in a TABLES, DOORS, LADDERS, AND CHAIRS MATCH.

I first knew of Levangie through matches at Stan Stylez' Intergender Bonanza over the past couple of years. Chaotic, though, is her home. Developing her skills through the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, Levangie has legitimately become one of the toughest competitors in all of the New England area.

"The Ultimate Underdog" has to beware of the arrogant and ever-developing abilities of Long. Long has proven over and over that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Now in an environment where plunder galore is available to use legally within the realm of this New England Championship match, Long sees a place where no stone will be left unturned and no chance will be left off the board to retain his prized gold.

UTEC at 35 Warren St in Lowell, MA will be the home of bedlam for COLD FURY. Can Che Long successfully hold onto his New England Title? Or will Shannon Levangie persevere one more time and win the gold to validate her heart and determination to the Chaotic faithful?

COLD FURY prepares for unbridled FURY Friday night.


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