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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #75 - Joe Clean Goes No Limits in SSW

At PROject codename: ASSEMBLE in Brick, NJ on Saturday night, a good crowd showed up to watch some professional wrestling including local promotions giving the authority to allow a match to represent their brand of sports entertainment.

Shore Star Wrestling was no different. Representing the Jersey Shore with their promotion, SSW and their championship committee announced a match for the vacant No Limits Championship for March 9 between Buddy Tomas and Joe Clean.

Tomas, along with his patented yellow umbrella, comes from the ECPW Wrestling Academy and has been slowly been working his way up the NJ independents, looking for a golden opportunity to shine.

Joe Clean has gained a cult following, thanks to his work from American X Wrestling in Hamburg, PA. In particular, the methodical nature to cleaning has led to success in the squared circle, and the fans have started to believe in the "cleaning up of competition", holding up dustpans and brooms to show their support.

And both men had something to prove, all in the name of the No Limits Championship.

In a ten-minute back and forth, showing no limits as they performed, Tomas and Clean gave it their all in the name of Shore Star Wrestling. However, in the end, after a Hot Shot into the ropes on Tomas, followed up by a schoolboy, Joe Clean picked up the duke and the SSW No Limits Championship!

In a night of great wrestling, fans really cherished Joe Clean's victory. Many of my sources in the independent wrestling pipeline said that Joe's title win stole the show at ASSEMBLE, and all the performers stepped up their game following that match. And they did.

Congratulations to Joe Clean and his Shore Star Wrestling No Limits Championship win. Maybe the only limit is the sky for Joe?

I think not. #BANKONIT


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