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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #73 - Pacifico and London Look to Make "MAGIC"

Vinny Pacifico has built a buzz for himself on the independent wrestling scene over the past several years. With fans truly buying into and believing in his "Don't Count Vinny Out" mantra, Pacifico has responded in kind, picking up big wins across the circuit.


Currently, Pacifico reigns as Pro Wrestling Magic's World Junior Champion. Defending against all comers, Pacifico has really settled into a groove as the Prince of Light Heavyweights.


However, he has his biggest test to date at March 23, 2024 at "the Mecca" in Ridgefield Park, NJ. At "Last One Standing: Michael Scott Paper Company", Pacifico will be defending his PWM World Junior Championship against a Cruiserweight legend: PAUL LONDON!


Paul London is best known for his time in WWE. Although he looks back fondly at his time with Brian Kendrick as WWE Tag Team Champions, London's true passion was his run as a standout Cruiserweight. Holding the Cruiserweight Title for several months in 2005, London literally gave his blood, sweat, and tears for the gold, gaining respect from his peers and fans alike.


However, to die-hard wrestling fanatics, London is an OG member of the first generation of Ring of Honor. He had wars with Bryan Danielson, Michael Shane, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Xavier. Many say that London's high risk style helped shape a lot of light heavyweights over the past two decades.


Vinny Pacifico might have a load of momentum, but Paul London has the experience that might carry over to the PWM Junior Heavyweight Championship. Can you imagine London showcasing his title on the "Cafe de Rene" podcast in the coming weeks?


Needless to say, this is a must-see match.


Tickets for "Last One Standing: Michael Scott Paper Company" are on sale now at, and will be streaming on IWTV live on March 23.


London vs Pacifico: A Junior Heavyweight Classic. #BANKONIT



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