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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #70 - Cayden Looking to Take It to Nickel City

On March 24, 2024, at the Third Warders Social Club in North Tanawanda, NY, Nickel City Wrestling will be running "Road to Redemption" with a 3PM belltime.


One of the main matches signed for the card will be Ace Gervase, guided to the ring by the Crimson Knight, facing off with a man who I am very familiar with from the Metropolitan area, Chris Cayden.


Cayden is a man infatuated with the world of professional wrestling. Breaking in with Middle Village Wrestling in the late 2000s, Cayden has been plugging away as a true definition of a "weekend warrior".


His battles with William Wyeth in 2010 are still remembered fondly from fans of the ACE Arena. He is the man who introduced Hush Holiday to the world of professional wrestling, helping Hush, who is deaf, make his bones in the ring as a legitimate threat. He formed Defiance with Raymond Rysk and Maximo Suave in the mid 2010s, winning the UWA Elite Trios Championships along the way.


Currently, Cayden performs in New York State, not only helping out the next generation of wrestling prospects enter the business, but also building a small following in various promotions. He even hosts his own radio show "Catchin' Up With Cayden" on Rochester Free Radio every week.


Cayden is looking to make an impact in multiple fields, but pro wrestling is his first and true love. At Nickel City Wrestling on the 24th, he has a chance to continue building his career by beating Ace Gervase.


Catch Up With Cayden soon, hopefully with a victory in NCW.



- bankie


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