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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #68 - The MATW Tag Team Championship Tournament

To me, there is nothing better than a good old fashioned tournament.

There is also nothing as grand as old school Mid-Atlantic style wrestling.

Mix in the two, and you have a recipe for success, as Mid-Atlantic Territory Wrestling proudly presents THE MATW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT on March 9, 2023 at the Body By D Gym in Yorktown, VA.

Not since the days of the Tag World Grand Prix run by CHIKARA Pro Wrestling has a tag team tournament intrigued me in the modern days of professional wrestling. To many, tag team wrestling is a lost art form. More now than ever, there are a plethora of thrown together tandems instead of teammates who spend years trying to master the craft of being a world-class duo.

In Mid-Atlantic Territory Wrestling, where a vintage style of wrestling permeates around the Virginia and North Carolina region, tag team wrestling is respected and honored. And on March 9, MATW has decided to christen new Tag Team Champions, doing an eight-team, single elimination tournament where the last surviving tandem win the belts.


#1) THE EXTREME HORSEMEN OF PRESTON QUINN AND CW ANDERSON - “The Pain Train” and the “Enforcer” are as old school as it gets. Quinn and Anderson are double tough, know every trick in the book, and aren’t afraid to get down and dirty with anybody. They might very well be the odds-on favorite in the tournament.

#2) XLG OF G MONIY & GEM STONE - XLG are two no-nonsense badass fighters who refuse to back down and aren’t afraid of a fight. Their objective is simple: the belts. Nothing more, nothing less.

#3) BADD MAGIC OF CHRISTOPHER PRINCE AND NATHAN CROSS - Not since the days of Lazer Tron and Denny Brown have two high flyers so deeply inspired the Mid-Atlantic region. These two guys aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to become champions, and they are talented enough to do it.

#4) THE GEORDIE BULLDOGS OF SEAN AND MARK DENNY - These two gruff brothers from the United Kingdom are about rock, brawling, and gold. On March 9, the Geordie Bulldogs are looking to take a bite out of the competition and win the MATW Tag Team Championships.

#5) TOUGH GUY INC OF BRUTAL BOB EVANS AND TOUGH TIM HUGHES - The wily veteran duo have a small cult following around the independent circuit and are making their return to MATW in hopes of winning the MATW Tag Team Championships. Can any team hang with Bob and Tim on the 9th?

#6) WHISKEY BUSINESS OF JOHNNY RYDA AND BRAYDEN MARSHALL - These two men love to fight and drink. On March 9, can Ryda and Marshall fight their way to the Tag Team Championships and celebrate with an all night party of single barrel whiskey?

#7) REAL LIFE FREAKS OF DEMENTED BRADLEY AND JOE KING - Some people say the freaks come out at night. Bradley and King will be venturing out during the day to not only scare the fans coming out to the Body By D Gym on March 9, but to possess the Tag Team Championships they crave. Will the Freaks rule MATW’s Tag Team division?

#8) PARTY MCFLY AND MATTHEW ENNIS - These two young men have something to prove on March 9. They might be two totally different performers, but both have one objective: to shock the MATW system and win the Tag Team Championships on March 9.

Support old school style wrestling. Support tag team wrestling. Support MATW. You’ll be glad you did.


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