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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #55 - Goldy Prepares To Go on "Holliday" on 11/11

Goldy is on a roll right now in American X Wrestling.

The “Born Better” athlete has been rolling as of late, alongside his Golden Era. He picked up the fall in a big six-man tag against Tough Guy Inc and Homicide in September at BATTLEFIELD X, and in October, had a great back-and-forth with Reggie Collins, getting the duke after a springboard knee strike.

However, Goldy will have his biggest match to date in AXW on Saturday November 11 at the Historic Hamburg Field House at UNITED WE SLAM 2023, as he will be facing uber-talented RICHARD HOLLIDAY!

Holliday is a blue-chipper without a shadow of a doubt. Trained by former WCW World Tag Team champion, and the “Glory” of Power & Glory, Paul Roma, Holliday broke out on April 21, 2018, winning the legendary Super 8 Tournament. The legacy of previous winners alone, Holliday put himself on the map immediately.

Holliday then went to Major League Wrestling, where he made a name for himself, winning the MLW World Tag Team championships with Maxwell Jacob Friedman in 2019. Also, Holliday made a massive enemy out of Puerto Rican legend Savio Vega, stealing Vega’s IWA Caribbean Heavyweight championship belt and ultimately unseating him for the title.

Despite a lot of his wicked ways, Holliday is a fighter in more ways than one. Holliday fought through stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2022 and throughout the year. Getting a clean bill of health, Holliday has been on a mission to reclaim his greatness in wrestling, but he’s already won the biggest battle of all, which has endeared him immensely to pro wrestling fans.

Goldy is going to have to dig deep - I mean, really deep - to try and unseat Richard Holliday at UNITED WE SLAM at the Historic Hamburg Field House. With two shows to go in the legendary venue, can Holliday make another legendary moment in his career with a victory? Or will Goldy unleash a “Golden Touch” to pick up a huge win against this gutsy fighter on November 11?

This match will be one NOT TO MISS. Tickets on sale at


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