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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #47 - EN Bush faces "The Worm"

This Saturday night, after the AXW Legends of Hamburg Fan Fest at the Historic Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, PA, stick around for American X Wrestling, as they proudly present BATTLEFIELD X, an event built around a phenomenal battle royal, where the winner will receive a guaranteed championship match against the AXW Heavyweight champion.

But what about the American X Wrestling Heavyweight champion E.N. Bush?

Mr. Bush, alongside his cohorts in crime Tommy Vecs and Mary Elizabeth, has, currently, gone the calendar year as AXW Heavyweight champion. By hook or by crook, Bush has survived matches with “The Strong Style Brit” Martin Stone, Andy Header, Matt Quay and TJ Boss.

However, in spite of all that, “the Heart of AXW” has, quite possibly, his toughest battle of all at BATTLEFIELD X:


Scotty 2 Hotty’s track record speaks for itself. As a member of Too Cool, he has held the WWE Tag Team championships twice with his friends Rikishi and the late, great Grand Master Sexay. His innovative “WORM” dance move, followed by a vicious tomahawk chop, transcended pop culture.

Inside the ropes, Scotty might very well be the most unappreciated Junior Heavyweight in wrestling history. His series of matches with Dean Malenko in April 2000 over the WWF Light Heavyweight championship are revered in wrestling circles. In fact, his Backlash 2000 war with “the Man of a Thousand Holds” is still looked at as the greatest Light Heavyweight match in the history of WWE.

On the independents, I once saw Scotty face William Wyeth in a match for ACE Pro Wrestling in 2008 at Crossroads IV. Wyeth, at the time, was a dastardly villain who thought of Scotty as a "comedy character". However, Wyeth overlooked the greatness of his in-ring ability. It cost him an important victory. Scotty dominated because of that false impression.

For a man like E.N. Bush, he cannot overlook that fact. If he takes Scotty lightly, there is a strong possibility he will lose the AXW Heavyweight championship on Saturday.

Youth and arrogance meets experience and tenacity.

E.N. Bush vs Scotty 2 Hotty for the AXW Heavyweight championship this Saturday night! Be at BATTLEFIELD X at the Historic Hamburg Field House and watch this classic live! Tickets on sale at!


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