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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #43 - Legends of Hamburg Stars 2

On September 16, 2023, the Legends of Hamburg Fanfest is coming to the Historic Hamburg Field House in beautiful Hamburg, PA, bringing together wrestling’s past, present, and future under one roof.

In the next several Hot Takes, we will give the list of names, one-by-one, coming to the Legends of Hamburg event. There is no better way to kick things off than with a powerful army of bad-ass wrestlers: Some say they could be as big as a Nation!


In November 1996, Faarooq, sick of being treated with disrespect by then-WWF President Gorilla Monsoon during his rivalry with Ahmed Johnson, decided to stand up to the injustice and form the Nation of Domination, a group of rebels and outcasts, intending to take over the World Wrestling Federation.

Over the next few years, there were many different incarnations of the Nation. But after the official dissolution of the group in October 1998, there has never been a reunion of any of the members…


For the first time in almost 25 years, Faarooq, “the Godfather” Kama Mustafa, D’Lo Brown, and the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry will be reuniting at the Legends of Hamburg Fanfest to take photos and sign autographs with fans. This foursome might very well be, pound-for-pound, the toughest group of men ever assembled, and we get to celebrate them.

As a wise man once said, “Know your role”. We welcome the Nation of Domination to the Historic Hamburg Field House on September 16!

The next big name announced for the Fanfest, you could say, will be strutting and strolling, while rocking and rolling all over Hamburg!


Marty Jannetty is truly a rebel in the world of wrestling.

Best known for his tag team with fellow legend Shawn Michaels as the Rockers, Jannetty truly exemplified being a “tag team specialist”. Being a part of classic matches against the Brain Busters, the Hart Foundation, and the Orient Express, Jannetty’s never-ending amounts of talent and energy helped put the Rockers over-the-top as a popular act during the “rock n’ wrestling” era of the World Wrestling Federation.

However, Jannetty’s exploits are not limited to the Rockers. In a stunning upset in May 1993, he pinned his former partner Michaels for the Intercontinental championship during an early episode of Monday Night Raw. Then, on the one year anniversary of the program, Jannetty and the 1-2-3 Kid defeated the Quebecers to win the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team championships!

Marty has been a journeyman on the wrestling circuit, wrestling all over Europe, Japan, and the United States, winning championships and fans all along the way, rocking and partying as he did it.

There is no one more fun and unpredictable to be at the Legends of Hamburg Fanfest than Marty Jannetty! We proudly welcome him to the Hamburg Field House on September 16!


The final big name announced for the Fanfest is loaded with “glory”...


Paul Roma might be the most underrated tag team wrestler of his generation.

Starting off his career in the WWF, Roma was originally part of an upstart tag team called the Young Stallions with Jim Powers. For two years, they were a plucky duo, holding their own with some of the best tag teams in the world.

However, Roma came into his own in 1990, teaming with longtime friend Hercules and forming Power and Glory, while being managed by “the Doctor of Style” Slick. “Romeo” Roma really came out of his shell, demonstrating his arrogance while demolishing opponents. His dropkick was out of this world. Even more so, Roma and Hercules might have had the most devastating tag team finisher in wrestling history: THE POWERPLEX. Immediately after a Hercules superplex, Roma would nail a picture perfect splash from the top rope.

After leaving the WWF in 1991, Roma went into professional boxing, accumulating a 2-1 record throughout three fights in 1992.

In 1993, Roma signed with World Championship Wrestling and became a member of the legendary Four Horsemen, which was met with controversy. Yet, Roma made all the critics eat their words, winning the WCW and NWA World Tag Team championships with Arn Anderson at Clash of the Champions XXIV in August.

After leaving the Horsemen in December 1993, Roma found himself a new partner: “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff. Pretty Wonderful won two WCW World Tag Team titles together, including having a lengthy rivalry with Stars and Stripes of the Patriot and Marcus Alexander Bagwell. Pretty Wonderful ran the gamut throughout 1994 as the best tag team in wrestling.

Once he retired, Roma continued on in the wrestling industry throughout Connecticut, training aspiring wrestlers and even was the Commissioner of Connecticut Championship Wrestling in the mid-2000s.

Always controversial and thriving on it, we are thrilled to have Paul Roma as a part of the Legends of Hamburg Fan Fest on September 16!


More names have been announced and will be discussed in future Hot Takes. Stay tuned!

Tickets on sale at!


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