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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #22 - The Robbie Rumble at AXW 4/29

A few weeks ago, it was announced by American X Wrestling that on April 29 at the Historic Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, PA, “HONOR: Autism Awareness” would be the host of the first ever ROBBIE RUMBLE.

What in the world is the Robbie Rumble, you ask?

Robbie Evans is the sixteen year old son of “Brutal” Bob Evans, independent wrestler and mentor to a ton of performers. A child on the autism spectrum, Robbie is a fun loving young man and lives his life to the fullest. He is an inspiration to his family and all that know him.

Most of all, he loves wrestling. There have been multiple instances of Robbie “doing the drives” with his father to various wrestling shows and seminars. In fact, I got word from one of my sources (or friend that went to a wrestling show), that they saw Robbie helping his Dad and Tough Tim Hughes run a seminar at the Monster Factory this past Saturday night. In fact, many have said that Robbie was the hardest worker there, helping out wherever he was needed.

So when AXW management wanted to do their annual “Autism Acceptance” event for 2023, they went to “Brutal” Bob with an idea.

For the first time in AXW history, a Rumble match up will take place inside the Historic Hamburg Field House. And, most importantly, to help supervise this interesting match will be Robbie Evans himself!

The winner of the Robbie Rumble will represent World Autism Champion Malichi, who I personally have heard wonderful things about, in the ring at the end of the match.

Hearing about this match, I wanted to reach out to Bob Evans for a comment regarding this awesome honor. Instead, he gave me a quote from Robbie that he wanted to share.

“I hope all the fans enjoy it as much as I’m going to,” stated Robbie. “I want to see the best man win and show that the Robbie Rumble is for everyone!”

Already announced for the Robbie Rumble:

  • Goldy, leader of The Golden Era

  • Andy Header

  • Making his AXW debut, O’Shay Edwards!

With just three men announced, the anticipation is already building. Who else will be in the Rumble on April 29? Who will win this unique battle?

Tickets are on sale at!

On a personal note, this is exciting to see. I can’t wait to make the two hour drive to Hamburg to see this awesome night. It is for such a great cause and as someone who has friends that are afflicted with autism, they deserve all the love and support in the world. AXW faithful, come to Hamburg on the 29th of April. You won’t regret it.

Plus, I love the vision of the Robbie Rumble. It’s going to rock. #BANKONIT


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