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BANK STATEMENT #13 - Has Wrestling Lost Its Edge?

Hi everyone!

It still works.

I want to make this one short and sweet here in the Bank Statement this week.

I miss the 90s.

The 1990s were the perfect time in the world of entertainment. There was quality, diverse music. There were quality, unique programs on television. There were quality, edgy pictures in theaters.

Most of all, pro wrestling was at its peak.

Three wrestling companies rallying their troops together to build their fan bases to their side. It honestly felt like a war.

The World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, and Extreme Championship Wrestling utilized each other in a battle to create the best possible product imaginable.

The WWF had “Attitude”, a mainstream blanket to the edginess of alternative music, Jerry Springer, and the rebellious nature of angst.

WCW had tradition. Old school ‘rasslin fans holding on dear to their lineage and history from an invading group of outlaws, known as the New World Order.

ECW had “Extreme”, the rebellious underground of independent, state-of-the-art wrestling with cutting edge, gritty production and an incredible loyal fan following to their cause.

Every promotion had IDENTITY. Every promotion had a vision. Every promotion had its core.

Today, although WWE is the standard, and AEW is the alternative, hip, cool promotion, it doesn’t feel the same.

It just feels too...nice.

Maybe it’s me, but I LOVE company vs company battles. I love wrestlers loving their brands and representing their company with pride. I love performers calling each other out and making little snide behind-the-scenes remarks public.

It’s just not like that anymore.

Performers in different companies all support each other on social media. Even with the rival business mentality, wrestlers are just all on the same page.

Maybe it’s me.

Maybe pro wrestling needs to devolve a little bit instead of evolve.

Maybe the world of entertainment needs to expand its creativity.

Maybe we need to toughen up.

Maybe I do.

Time to bring the quality and creativity of the 90s.

I will. Starting now. A fan on his own path. BANK ON IT.

Bankie Bruce


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