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The AXW/Martin Stone Seminar

This past Saturday at the Historic Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, PA, a group of 30 performers came out prior to “HONOR: Autism Acceptance” for a seminar run by former NXT Tag Team champion Martin Stone.

The world-traveled Stone, a professional wrestler since 2003, helped spread the knowledge he has learned. Beginning his career in the United Kingdom independent scene, grinding his teeth in WXW in Germany, and breaking out in NXT throughout the 2010s, Stone was able to demonstrate a physical, yet upbeat, lesson on what it takes to make it in professional wrestling.

Stone also told stories about his battles in the ring, including giving an example on what not to do in the ring, and showcasing a method on doing “whatever it takes” to win. The young performers asked questions and were given examples of unique techniques to use on their opponents.

Stone wrestled AXW Heavyweight champion EN Bush later on in the night, while some of the pupils at the seminar were a part of the Robbie Rumble, a match organized by the son of “Brutal” Bob Evans, Robbie, due to their performances in the seminar.

All that attended learned valuable tools to bring them success in the future and really respected the knowledge Stone provided to them.


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