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Jack Gallagher - The Gentleman Gets It

Jack Gallagher gets it as it comes to the WWE.

Ever since “Gentleman” Jack came onto the scene from the Cruiserweight Classic during the summer of 2016, he has become a cult figure in the biggest company in the world. Weekly appearances on Monday Night Raw and 205 Live, a fun little spot in the 2017 Royal Rumble, and microphone time has led to an increase of popularity for Gallagher.

Gallagher is such a different competitor than everyone in the Cruiserweight division. He stands out so much to the casual and hardcore wrestling fan. There are a multitude of reasons why.

For starters, it’s his LOOK. Gallagher brings a sophisticated and exquisite vibe in front of WWE cameras. His beautiful three-piece suits, perfectly combed red hair, and expertly groomed mustache give off the vibe of man. Mix in his old school, World of Sport style trunks with no knee pads and ankle high boots when the Gentleman is ready to knuckle up makes for an authentic 1970s English grappler. Gallagher understands the art of performing on a worldwide stage. It takes some superb garnish to go along with a steak as I once heard Dusty Rhodes say on a Secrets of the Ring DVD. Gentleman Jack really has some style to make his onscreen persona pop.

Obviously, the next step would be WRESTLING STYLE. Since this is the Cruiserweight division, it makes for more of a higher risk style of wrestling. Gallagher doesn’t rely on that. Unlike the other junior heavyweights, the Gentleman mixes in the utilizing of “escapology” that Johnny Saint made famous in England combined with MMA style grappling on the canvas. Not many people know, but Gallagher trained at the world renowned Snake Pit in Wigan, England under the tutelage of the late Billy Robinson. Robinson’s influence has made quite the impact on Gallagher in ring, especially as it comes to submission holds. Also, Gallagher’s headbutt has turned the tide in several matches. The way he utilizes it, it comes out of NOWHERE. People never see it coming. Gallagher’s legitimate background, which also resulted in a 2-0 in mixed martial arts, has allowed him to stand head and shoulders above the rest in WWE’s Cruiserweight division.

Lastly, Gallagher’s trusty UMBRELLA has helped complete the uniqueness of him inside the #1 company in the world of wrestling. Legend goes that William III was a family heirloom that was passed down from generation to generation. Once Gallagher made it to the WWE, his umbrella joined him for the ride, allowing it to truly shine bright on the grandest stage. William III even joins the Gentleman for a sweet double team maneuver they do together. Once William III is exposed to the world while Gallagher is on the top rope, the Gentleman jumps to the outside and lands a Bombs Away to his opponent, flattening him on the mats below. Together, they and the WWE Universe have dubbed it the Mary Poppins. Very British indeed, as Gallagher has made the most of his umbrella joining him at ringside every single night.

I dig Gentleman Jack. He is a true bright spot in the Cruiserweight division. Hopefully sooner rather than later, he will be champion. But until then, appreciate his style on WWE television. He truly is a diamond in the rough of what Cruiserweight wrestling is in 2017.

The Gentleman just gets it.


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