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#Diverge. 2018

“Project: Diverge. Coming 2018.”

With that one little statement, my life changed forever.

I don’t expect a lot of people to know what’s going on, but it’s truly the beginning of something special. Project: Diverge is a vision that has been being worked on for a number of years. Ideas that have come together with the objective of a different sort of path that will be followed.

In fact, the definition according to Google of the word diverge goes as follows:




  1. (of a road, route, or line) separate from another route, especially a main one, and go in a different direction.

This manifestation will culminate in 2018. When in 2018? What is the ultimate goal for Project: Diverge? Will this be the beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning?

Simple foreplay, friends. Follow the path as it goes.

When you come to the fork in the road, you choose which path to take. There’s the easy way and the hard way. The choice is yours. So I guess there is only one thing left to do…


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