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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #93 - KILLDOZER Retains ICW American Deathmatch Championship

Deathmatches scare the bejeezus out of me in the world of professional wrestling. 

These men and women take their blood, sweat, and tears, quite literally, and use them as paint, while using their bodies as brushes and making violent paintings on the 16x16 canvas inside a wrestling ring. This is literally the phrase “using their bodies to create a work of art”. They all have my respect.

No one is as great at deathmatch wrestling to me, however, than Matt Tremont.

In the world of deathmatches, Tremont has done it all. With the spirit of Mick Foley, Supreme, the Messiah, Atsushi Onita, and countless other deathmatch legends, he has become a fighter of fighters. Tremont is an incredible storyteller.

The former IWTV Independent Wrestling World Champion has turned over a new leaf in recent times, developing and becoming an alter-ego onto the world: KILLDOZER. 

This violent form of Tremont is even tougher and more devastating than “the Bulldozer” and even more methodical than “Father” Matthew Tremont. And this past Friday night, KILLDOZER entered a four-way deathmatch for ICW NO HOLDS BARRED #61: International Death Summit at his H2O Wrestling Center in Williamstown, NJ for his ICW American Deathmatch Championship, which he won back on January 27, 2024 against Hoodfoot.

In a war that many people considered to be violent beyond belief, KILLDOZER survived and successfully defended his gold against the Green Phantom, Danny Darko, and Vic Craig.

The ring ropes were replaced by chains prior to the match. Bound by brutality before the bell even sounded, all four men laid it all on the line. Light Tubes and doors and everything not nailed down were used. Everyone was cut open and bleeding all over their body. The packed house at the H2O Wrestling Center were in awe, just as bloodthirsty as the performers gunning for the American Deathmatch Title.

However, KILLDOZER remained champion, successfully defending the gold for the second time.

At this point, Matt Tremont might very well be the best deathmatch wrestler of this and any other generation. Is there anyone who can wrest that ICW American Deathmatch Championship away from him? More importantly, is there anyone who can out deathmatch the King of the Deathmatch?

It’s KILLDOZER’s world and we’re just living in it.

Check out the replay on IWTV now.


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