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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #79 - Technical Clinic Signed for Matt Pro Wrestling Debut on 4/14

From the ashes of Gen Pro Wrestling comes Matt Pro Wrestling.

MPW makes its debut on Sunday April 14, 2024 with NEW DAWN 2024at the Lakewood Estonian House, 4 Cross St in Lakewood, NJ at 3PM.

After all of the ownership shenanigans that transpired close to one year ago with Gen Pro Wrestling, combined with healing from a serious injury, Ray Ray Marz has decided to refocus on his career, and unlike before, is out on his own, running his own wrestling outfit.

Matt Pro Wrestling’s first match signed for New Dawn 2024 is bound to be a technical clinic, as “the Submission Gangster” Bret the Threat goes one-on-one with “Wrestling’s Richest Prize” Darius Carter.

Based out of Las Vegas, NV, Bret the Threat is a grappling artist. No nonsense and full of bravado, Bret is not afraid to take someone down to the mat and stretch some hapless victim out. He has cut his teeth in the West Coast and is making an East Coast tour of double legging opponents into domination in April.

Meanwhile, Mr. Darius Carter has become the technical wizard of the tri-state area. He’s led an interesting life in independent wrestling. He’s a man who crusaded for change, fought for his right to be respected, and demonstrated an ability to persevere, even as a vicious villain. The 2022 Super 8 Champion, the last Bodyslam Wrestling Organization Champion, and even the greatest Warrior in Warriors of Wrestling history, Carter is the final boss in any scenario.

Grapple War ‘24 is about to come to Matt Pro Wrestling on April 14. Can DC extinguish Bret’s threat? Or will “the Double Leg Don” trip up “Wrestling’s Richest Prize” into a victory at New Dawn 2024?

This will be five minutes from the house. I think I’ll venture out to see this one. Ray Ray, best of luck. 


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