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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #72 - The Ace of Space Academy & Rat Bastards on a Collision Course

The Ace of Space Academy and the Rat Bastards are on a collision course in the world of WrestlePro.

Max St. Giovanni, GKM, Zander Torres, and Adam Kirkland are four students from the Create-A-Pro Wrestling School. Four young men with one goal in set: to ply their trade and become professional wrestlers. All four men had a dream - but that’s where the similarities end.

MSG and GKM were taken under the wing of Max’s older brother Leon, who subsequently founded the Ace of Space Academy. Along with the monstrous Colton Charles, the Ace of Space Academy has become one of the most powerful forces in WrestlePro. LSG’s leadership has worked wonders for “Moonshot” and GKM.

The Rat Bastards went a different route. Unlike their counterparts, their attitude and demeanor turned a lot of veterans and coaches off. Torres and Kirkland were forced to develop on their own and, combined with their discontent in life, became the young punks WrestlePro to know and hate.

With two different directions in a wrestling journey has led to animosity from the two teams. Torres and Kirkland are envious of St. Giovanni and GKM’s success, while the Academy thinks the Rat Bastards are degenerates and are undeserving of any respect.

WrestlePro management has seen this, and has decided to put all four men into action for tomorrow night’s SHOTGUN THURSDAY NIGHT at the Columbian Club in Union, NJ, which is FREE for fans to attend.

However, it won’t be in a tag team battle.

“Moonshot” Max St. Giovanni will go one-on-one with Adam Kirkland, while GKM goes toe-to-toe with Zander Torres!

For Kirkland and Torres, tag team specialists in every sense of the word, this might seem like an uphill battle. MSG and GKM have a lot more singles matches under their belts, and can seemingly adapt to both one-on-one and tag team contents with more ease.

However, for this writer, the Academy cannot take the Rat Bastards lightly. With their underhanded tactics and thirst to win at all costs, Torres and Kirkland could catch them off guard and shock them with a victory.

This Thursday night in Union, the Ace of Space Academy and the Rat Bastards are on a collision course. Which pair of Create-A-Pro students will be victorious? Be there live. Don’t miss it!



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