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As announced earlier in the month of May, American X Wrestling and Jonquière Championship Wrestling announced a partnership between both fledgling promotions.

Instantly, word made the locker room that JCW’s Paul Goliath would be making his way down to the Historic Hamburg Field House to make an impact in AXW.

For the American fans, they’ve asked the question: Who is Paul Goliath?

For the fans in Quebec, they’ve answered it: One of the most decorated champions in Quebec wrestling history!

Over a career that spanned over three decades, Goliath has been immensely successful. He is a four-time JCW Heavyweight champion and a former Provincial and Tag Team titleholder. Many have said that he is the greatest wrestler in JCW history!

Not only that, he is second-to-none in the ring. I’ve heard many consider him to be wrestling’s version of Quebec Nordiques great Peter Šťastný. Graceful and skilled in the ring, while displaying pound-for-pound toughness outside of it.

After AXW management made a trip to JCW on May 6 to Saint Ambroise, Quebec, a decision was made to try and bring down “La légende du Québec”. But to get Goliath to agree, he wanted only one man…


“The Big Bad Kaiju” made a tremendous debut in AXW back at HONOR: Autism Acceptance in April, as he won the Robbie Rumble, a gauntlet battle royal organized by the son of “Brutal” Bob Evans, Robbie Evans. Not only that, he eliminated both “Hybrid” Sean Carr and the Zuka King at the same time.

Winning a major match like that put the radar on the quick rise of O’Shay. Now, AXW management has granted him an ultimate opportunity; the right to face JCW’s Paul Goliath on June 24 at the Historic Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, PA.

Not only that, both men will represent their countries, as AXW representative Kevin Kelly has made this a FLAG MATCH. The winner will be able to fly his nation’s flag in the center of the ring. For O’Shay, it is Ol’ Glory, the American Flag. For Goliath, it will be the Fleurdelisé, representing the Province of Quebec.

Who will win and represent his country, and wrestling promotion, with pride and honor? June 24, we will find out. Tickets are on sale NOW at, starting at $5!


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