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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #18 - The Midwest Militia in WSU

A few days ago, I read on Wrestling Inc that in IMPACT Wrestling, former NWA Women’s World Tag Team champions Allysin Kay and Marti Belle - the Hex - will take on the Death Dollz of Tara Valkyrie and Jessicka Havok for the IMPACT Knockout Tag Team titles at “Hard to Kill” on February 24, 2023.

I will be flat honest. I really don’t watch IMPACT nearly as much as I should. Although I absolutely loved the vision of Honor No More, the real ROH “invasion” storyline, IMPACT is a very rare occurrence in my life. And that’s on me, naturally.

But seeing Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay on OPPOSITE ends of a tag team match to an old school indie guy like myself is mindblowing. These two, at one time, were a part of, in my opinion, the greatest independent female stable in wrestling history. Along with Sassy Stephanie, they were absolutely dominant.

This is the story of the Midwest Militia.

In 2011, Women Superstars Uncensored was in the midst of a legendary championship reign. Mercedes Martinez held the WSU World championship for almost 3 full years. She had defended the championship against all comers. From Alicia, Angel Orsini, Rain, and Nikki Roxx to Awesome Kong, Jazz, and Sumie Sakai, Martinez was the closest thing to a territorial champion in the modern day independents. She defended her gold in ACE Pro Wrestling, National Wrestling Superstars, and the early days of EVOLVE, on top of a busy WSU schedule.

Martinez’s talents were so strong, she actually broke her previous record of longest female wrestling match on August 6, 2011, going 73 minutes with Lexxus, who you know now as IMPACT’s Alisha Edwards. Our fearless leader, Jon Harder, actually called that match with WSU Hall of Famer Cindy Rogers. The previous record: Martinez and Orsini going 70 on June 6, 2009.

After 3 very solid years and WSU, under Sean McCaffrey, making solid money, it was time to go into another direction. And another direction he did.


Havok, based out of Ohio, initially formed a tag team with standout Hailey Hatred and won the WSU Tag Team titles right off the bat. After joining Rain’s Army and becoming Rain’s muscle, Havok broke out in late 2010, defeating legendary “Prime Time” Amy Lee and ODB on the same day of a double taping at the renowned ACE Arena in Union City, NJ.

In 2011, the reign of Havok came full force, defeating Nikki Roxx and her former boss Rain in back-to-back events, and then entered into a hard-hitting rivalry with WSU legend Alicia. After a multitude of hardcore matches with one another, including a criminally underrated Uncensored Rules match at Uncensored Rumble IV in the ACE Arena on June 25, Havok was ready to take the next level in WSU.

On August 6, Havok interrupted a WSU Spirit title match between champion Sassy Stephanie and Allysin Kay and pleaded her case to the two rivals. After an in-ring discussion, all three agreed. An army would be needed to take on, and subsequently take over, WSU. A brigade would be needed to control the power in the promotion.

The Midwest Militia was born.

Although die-hard WSU fans always remember Havok as the breakout star, Kay and Stephanie were no slouches at any stretch of the imagination.

Allysin Kay was coming into her own as an asskicker in WSU in 2011. Coming out to “Did It On Em” by Nicki Minaj, Kay entered the ring, unleashed mayhem, and left as she came the majority of the time - unscathed. Wearing a permanent scowl across her face, Kay was more silent but violent, similar to Havok.

Sassy Stephanie was the least assumed member of the trio. Thought by many to be the technician of the group, Stephanie had a dark side as well. She was unafraid to get down and dirty, especially as she reigned in gritty battles as WSU Spirit champion against Brittany Savage.

The Midwest Militia had a different vibe. The trio personified what the world was like in the early 2010s: angry, annoyed, and wanting change. Havok, Kay, and Stephanie had an “F*** the World” mentality and were willing to take no prisoners against everyone and anyone.

They were ready for WAR.

On November 19, 2011 at the NYWC Sportatorium in Deer Park, Long Island, New York, WAR would be enacted. The Midwest Militia would take on Alicia, Brittney Savage, and WSU World champion Martinez in the first ever female War Games match in wrestling history. (Editor’s Note: Many people believe WWE did it first, but this moment should, and will be, belong to these six women and Women Superstars Uncensored.)

With WSU Commissioner Amy Lee as special guest referee, this match would be called right down the middle. Both teams brutalized each other in gruesome fashion. At one point, Martinez took a nasty spill to the canvas below, causing a stinger. Havok took full advantage of the situation, handcuffing Savage, Alicia, and even Lee to the ropes. In a moment too extreme for even WSU, Havok procured and showcased a MACHETE. After threatening to do damage to the injured Martinez, Team WSU surrendered. The Militia won War Games.

This was a moment I would never forget, as a diehard wrestling fan.

Months later, at the same NYWC Sportatorium, the biggest match in WSU would take place. WSU World champion vs WSU Spirit champion. Winner Take All. 5th Anniversary Show. Internet Pay-Per-View.

Mercedes Martinez vs Jessicka Havok.

Back in September 2011, Havok won the WSU Spirit championship from Rain at Great Championship Wrestling’s “Greatness Returns” in Levittown, PA, minutes after Rain pinned Stephanie to win it, to keep it in Militia control.

With Martinez and Havok on a proverbial collision course, both wrestlers were unstoppable in singles action. On March 3, 2012, we would finally see who would be the rightful force in WSU.

On that night, the Militia was already 2-for-2. In an Uncensored Rules #1 contender match, Kay and Stephanie defeated Alicia and Savage in a barn burner. Later on in the night, Kay and Stephanie cashed in their title opportunity and defeated the Soul Sisters of Latasha and Jana to win the belts.

Already an unpredictable night, Havok and Martinez took center stage in the main event.

In a 32 minute epic, which many people consider to be the greatest match in WSU history, both women beat the tar out of each other. It was an absolute war, with both women nailing each other with their finishing holds - Martinez nailed the Fisherman’s buster, while Havok hit the Air Raid Crash. However, a table made its way into the battle. Set up in front of one of the corners, both women went through it off the top rope. However, Havok landed on top of Martinez and the referee counted three.

Jessicka Havok was the new WSU World champion. Havok beat the unbeatable Mercedes Martinez. Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephanie were the WSU Tag Team champions.

The Midwest Militia ran WSU.

Within six months, the entire promotion was in upheaval. McCaffrey sold WSU to Beyond Wrestling’s Drew Cordeiro. With a new committee in place, dedication to the original booking plans fell by the wayside. Within one year, the Midwest Militia just faded away from the independent scene.

Jessicka Havok began her long career with IMPACT, winning both the Knockouts Singles and Tag Team championships. Allysin Kay became Sienna in IMPACT and won the Knockouts championship, then went to the NWA and formed her tag team with Marti Belle as the Hex. Sassy Stephanie wrestled for a few more years, then left the industry to start a family.

I always felt there was more in the tank for the Midwest Militia, but pro wrestling, at times, can be a fickle thing. At least we, as fans, got to experience it.

After writing this Hot Take, maybe I will make a concerted effort to watch this IMPACT event. This match seems like it will be all sorts of awesome. Four women doing battle for tag team supremacy.

But there will be a small part of me hoping Havok threatens Kay with the same machete from the first ever Women’s War Games match, Midwest Militia style.

Most likely not, but this match will be awesome. They are legit.


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