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I'm Taking A Break

I’m Taking A Break.

That was easier than I expected.

In all seriousness, it has been a roller coaster of emotions over the past nine months. Better than that, it’s been a roller coaster of emotions over the past eleven years. All I ever wanted to do was be involved in professional wrestling and do something in it. ANYTHING, in fact.

Starting in 2007, I’ve been able to film, commentate, write, podcast, perform and now promote professional wrestling. It’s a lot more than anything I ever dreamed about doing. Was there a lot of disappointments? Absolutely. Was there a lot of accomplishments? Of course! A lot of people can say they never have been able to live their dream. I can.

However, I have tended to push a lot away as it comes to “reality”. When you consume yourself with a dream and a goal, you sacrifice a lot. The one objective with the dream was to run one wrestling show. Project: Diverge was that show. I was able to formulate, develop, and do things MY way. Creatively, it was stimulating and stressful at the same time.

Running the Old Bridge Elks in Old Bridge, NJ and packing the hall with over 100 people, combined with the absolute best talent and crew around me MADE Operation New Wave. There is no amount I could ever repay anyone involved with Project: Diverge on 4.21.18. This was a complete success.

There are no amount of stories that can come from the lead-up to this event. However, once Tom O’Malley and Giovanni Marranca made it halfway into their epic tournament final match, I knew a dream was completed. I finally had a figurative big bag of rocks lifted off my back as it came to living the dream.

I also knew that I was SPENT. Emotionally, mentally, and physically, I had used the last of my creative energy. Everything I had ever wanted led to that moment. The biggest “WHAT IF?” I ever had in my life was just completed. Project: Diverge was just THAT: a Project. I had a vision and I saw it through.

With that said, on April 22, 2018, the day after Operation New Wave, I knew that it was time for a break. Pro wrestling was all I’ve ever wanted to do. And I did it. At this point, once you achieve your biggest success, where do you go from there? The answer is simple: take a break and try to find another story. Stories shouldn’t be forced; they need to be organically forumulated. I’m ready to take a breath and find it.

However, that also means #HardwayHQ as well. #HardwayHQ, in a mode of sacrifice, had to go on the backburner in terms of Project: Diverge. Now, with Diverge completed, I also need a chance to recharge the batteries for podcasting as well. There are 3 extra episodes of Nick and Jon: “Live” in New Jersey and an edition of the On Deck Podcast on hold. They will be up in the coming days.

Lastly, on a personal level, there are certain things I’ve neglected to do, due to my own selfishness. Thanks to therapy and growing into a positive state of mind, the world is a place where it isn’t all about you. I’m ready to put other perspectives and people in front now and treat them as #1.

I’m taking a break. Project: Diverge completed a lifelong goal. I refuse to allow other forces to force me out. I’m doing this on my terms. And there is nothing that take that away from me.

Thanks for everything, guys and gals. Catch you around when there’s another story to be told.

Jon Harder


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