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Last night, I came home to the Hardway HQ Studios to find a small container next to my desk. On top, it simply stated “Starting Lineups”.

Last summer, I thought I had found the majority of my Kenner Starting Lineup collectibles, that I had gotten as presents as a kid, in my garage attic, stored away in boxes, mixed with other baseballs, statues, and XFL football. In that mix were an amalgam of 1990s athletes and classic sports stars.

I thought wrong.

Instead, I found EVEN more classics, including the rare MLS figures, two NBA exclusives, NFL Hall of Famers, and Cooperstown Classics. My mind was blown.

The realization began to set in that I truly have a unique collection of action figures, old school memorabilia, rare obscure pieces, and cool toys. My shelves really illustrate who I am as a person and my interesting tastes when it comes to my passions in life.

More importantly, every single piece I own has a story. To many, a collection is just to complete a set and to ultimately be utilized to sell later. The collector’s life is to buy and sell for a profit. My idea of being a collector is much different. You collect what you enjoy and hold onto it for life. Your pieces symbolize what you enjoy. I really believe in that.

Before 2019, I almost decided to give up these possessions in a compromise. I closed myself off from what I loved. Once I started on my journey back to my true self, I began to rediscover the collection I’ve amassed for over twenty years. I reorganized, set it up, and fell in love with this again.

After finding MORE of these pieces that I forgot existed last night, I knew what I had to do. I needed to showcase this. I wanted to tell the stories behind each of these items and what they meant to me. I had to expand and open up.

This morning, I officially opened up the HQ Collectibles Instagram page. I intend to show off and tell stories about what each individual piece means to me. I’ll also show off new pieces I add to my collection and hope to engage with fellow fans of these products as well.

Starting Lineups, McFarlanes, WWF/WWE figures from different lines, Funko Pops, 1980s/1990s action figures, bobbleheads, and exclusive pieces will all be shown and discussed.

Please subscribe to the Instagram page @ HQ Collectibles and hear my tales. Uploads will start on the page Monday, March 29, 2021 and will be on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Not all material possessions are just in vain; stories about these are meant to be told.

Jon Harder


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