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HERO VS VILLAIN Part 2: Last Person Standing at IGB 20

Back at CREAM MANIA on April 3, 2024 at the H2O Wrestling Center in Williamstown, NJ, Airica Demia defeated Stan Stylez in a show-stealing encounter, where whipped cream, slow-motion, proposals, and swords were the order of the day.

In fact, “Your Hero” Demia upended Stylez in his ultimate villain persona: “The Creamer”.

Now, on Stylez’s birthday, at IGB: 20, the corrupt boss of the Bonanza and the leader of the Creamy World Order has called on Demia, as well as her father The Legend of Solar, to return for another battle.

Airica Demia and Stan Stylez will face off in a LAST PERSON STANDING match!

The rules in this match are simple. There are no pinfalls, submissions, count-outs or disqualifications. The first competitor to not answer the ten-count will lose the match. 

Demia is a future star of the business. Ever since CREAM MANIA, Demia’s stock has risen heavily on the independent circuit. Due to her outside-the-box demeanor, as well as entertaining promos with her father hyping up other events, fans are truly beginning to realize how talented she is. Most recently, Airica has made her debut at Wrestling Open, the home of the top future performers in the business. Her star is rising.

Stylez, from my view, has been getting progressively more angry. The CWO lost every match at CREAM MANIA, and his absolute anger towards ABBS has begun to overflow. If Stylez does not get his revenge on August 22, on his birthday no less, who knows how he will be.

This match will not be for the weak of heart. HERO VS VILLAIN Part 2 has been signed. Who will be the Last Person Standing on 8/22?


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