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Blue Blazer '88

Flying through the sky

A cerulean bolt of lightning

Backflipping down

Into a squared circle

A blue mask with white trim

Like a majestic eagle’s wings

A cobalt singlet

And a majestic cape

Bedazzled with sparkles

Blazing a trail of glory

Backflipping off the ropes

Arm dragging flawlessly

Mesmerizing like a bird

Soaring through the air

Throwing dropkicks

And getting the three count

Perching himself on the middle rope

Arms raised in the air

Celebrating victory

Blazing a trail of glory

Ahead of his time

Before being a superhero was cool

Kids loved him for his look

Adults loved him for his moves

Whether against a monster

A technician

A mechanic

Or a muscled up jock

He never gave up

He always stood his ground

An underdog

Overcoming every obstacle

The Blue Blazer did it his way

Blazing a trail of glory

Jon Harder


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