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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #2 - The H2O Wrestling Center

Last night, I had the honor of joining Jon Harder on the top of the “nest” of the H2O Wrestling Center as he did commentary for the Intergender Bonanza and its second Intergender Rumble.

After watching Jon do his thing on headset and see the incredibly fun Rumble in person, I took in the atmosphere and made an observation.

No, it wasn’t how much money Adena Steele is, although her winning of the Super Championship last night was a very impressive feat. It was this…


Run by deathmatch wrestling legend and H2O promoter Matt Tremont, the Center, tucked away in the outskirts of Williamstown, NJ, has been the home of some of the most violent wrestling on the planet. Also, it has hosted some of the more unique sports entertainment as well. To top it off, this venue houses the training of the future of the South Jersey/Philadelphia wrestling scene.

There is such a loyal fan base that go weekly to every event held at this underground wrestling bunker. Whether it’s for the Hardcore Hustle Organization, Sean Henderson Promotions, Inter Species Wrestling, the Intergender Bonanza, or other local promotions, the H2O loyalists come through.

The building itself comes off at first glance as a literal fight club. The walls are painted black, plunder and weapons all around the building. It’s grimy, gritty, down and dirty. It has the same vibe I felt when I used to step into the ACE Arena in Union City back in the day.

Throughout the center, however, the identity really shines through. The H2O Hall of Fame wall is adorned with banners of influential individuals that have helped shape what H2O is today. From Shane Douglas, Prime Time Amy Lee, and 2 Cold Scorpio to the Smart Mark Video/IWTV camera crew and the late Danny Havoc and Markus Crane, the strength of true blue collar shines through. The building itself was rechristened the Kevin Hogan Memorial Hall, in dedication to die hard wrestling fan Kevin Hogan, who passed away in 2017 and whose legacy as a fan in independent wrestling is solely missed.

The H2O Wrestling Center is truly an experience. the personality shines through every time you enter it. Other than seeing it frequently on IWTV hosting a show, there is nothing like being there live for a wrestling show. I wish this venue would see more props come its way. The amount of work that goes into this venue, from Mr. and Mrs. Tremont, to the students and staff that inhabit it on a daily basis, is second to none. Go check out a show here - you’ll be glad you did.

Hot Take? #BANKONIT.

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