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BANKIE'S HOT TAKE #1 - Orange Cassidy Doesn't Need A Title

So I just watched the Orange Cassidy vs PAC match from AEW Dynamite last night on TBS.

I loved everything about the fight. It was an incredibly hot crowd and a great atmosphere from the Toronto fan base. The match was an absolute banger. I loved every second of it.

The only detractor from the whole kitten kaboodle - the finish.

I’m a huge fan of Orange Cassidy, don’t get me wrong. The character is fantastic. The hands in the pockets, the laid back demeanor, the whole “taking it to another level” while staying true to the gimmick. Everything about him is fantastic.

However, I do not feel that he should ever hold a championship.

The whole purpose of Orange Cassidy, in my opinion, should be a guy who is beloved by the crowd but always comes up short in big match situations. Some guys are just so organically “over” that they would never “need” to be champion. That’s the novelty of what Orange Cassidy is.

Now, if AEW’s creative direction leads him to become a transitional titleholder, ala Mikey Whipwreck in his first run in the original ECW, I will have been proven wrong.

A longer run, however, would actually take away from the character and might do more harm than good. It realistically would take away from what he represents - not caring about anything.

More power to “Freshly Squeezed”, as he gets his due in the eyes of the AEW die-hards in the main event of a solid show. But to this blogger, I just don’t think he needs the All-Atlantic championship. He’s bigger than the title.

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